What are the 15 best interactive dog toys?

We know if you could, you’d play with your pet all day long. But of course, many of us have other responsibilities, which means that sometimes, Fido has to keep himself occupied. Fortunately, there are lots of incredible interactive dog toys that can help him do just that — and experts say they’re some of the best toys on the market for both physical and mental exercise.

Dog plays with toy, 5 Fun Suction-Cup Dog Toys to Keep Canines Busy

“As a trainer, many of the hyperactivity and destruction problems my clients struggle with can be resolved by adding mental exercise to their dog’s daily routine,” says Nicole Ellis, certified professional dog trainer and pet lifestyle expert with Rover.com. “But ‘mentally-stimulating’ activities aren’t things like chess and crossword puzzles. For a dog, it’s mostly just simple, fun games with their owner, like puzzle toys.”

To help you find the best interactive dog toys to keep your pup entertained and engaged, we asked expert trainers for their favorite picks. These fun games — from treat balls to automatic ball launchers — will keep dogs busy while boosting their mental and physical skills. Some even reward them with the best kind of prize: treats. And for even more toys your best friend will love, check out the best dog toys for all types of pups.

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Kong Classic

There’s a reason Kong toys are a favorite among dog trainers and owners alike. Not only do they last for years, but you can also stuff them with treats or peanut butter to keep game time going for hours.

Kong Classic Q&A

Answer: I use a small toothbrush and warm water to clean mine out, then once a week I put it in the dishwasher on the top rack. I stuff mine with tiny milk bones, peanut butter and wet kibble then freeze it. Put a small scoop of peanut butter over the hole before giving it to your dog and they love it!

Question: Does it float?

Answer: They have some that DO float. I don’t think this is one of them … although I’ve never tried it to see. Kong makes some yellow ones specifically designed for the water.
Answer: I soak kibble in water and add some baby food , like sweet potato, carrot, green bean , Sometimes I add the Kong squeeze liver to it, Or small pieces of apple, I used to add Peter Pan peanut butter to it, (its soy free and best for your dog) but my baby is allergic to PB .. opps.
I fill it mostly with wet kibble, and the few teaspoons of baby food, (or all natural apple sauce) I leave a small grain free biscuit sticking out of the end and freeze it over night and it takes him 40-60 minutes to get it all out. .. He does his thing on the sofa, I just cover it with a blanket to keep it from getting soaked.
The small one takes him 15 minutes.
I portion this with his meal to make sure I don’t over feed him.
But Kibble and Applesauce or babyfood is a inexpensive option .. the large one gives me time to catch up on laundry, dishes and a shower!!!! 
Answer: Hey Tracey! Before I purchased my Kongs, I actually went to PetSmart see what size I thought would be most suitable. For a 22lb beagle, you’d probably want to go with a medium or possibly a small. I’d hate to give you inaccurate advice, so if you’re close to a PetSmart go in and look at them. Definitely purchase them off of Amazon though. I got 4 Kong toys off of Amazon for the price I would have paid for 2 at PetSmart. Good luck!

Kong Classic Reviews

“This toy is a must have. Fill it with peanut butter, treats, a bully stick. Work to entertain my puppy and senior dog.”

“Used for my 6 month old black lab/pitbull pup. Great for teething and game play with her. Very durable and keeps the dogs interest.”

“Dogs love this. It keeps them occupied for hours sd the chew on it and work to get the bacon flavored spread out.”

“I have gifted one of my friend’s dog a KONG product each Christmas for several years. Their dog really likes them! I always get one that is strong without any noises! His owner specified to get him the Kong brand dog products. Thank you, Kong!”

“So far so good! My lab pup loves it and it’s helped me train him with walking on a leash. Keeps him occupied when he has the zoonoses and he loves rolling it around and trying to get out the treats. It’s been great for him and a great tool for us with training.”

iFetch Ball Launcher

Even the most energetic pet owner gets tired of playing catch around the clock. Enter iFetch: It’s pricey, but this gadget will throw your pup a ball until they physically can’t run anymore. And don’t worry about having to retrieve the balls yourself — most dogs will figure out how to bring them back and drop them into the launcher on their own.

iFetch Ball Launcher Q&A

Answer: The iFetch Too launches the ball 10, 25, or 40 feet. It’s easy to switch between those three distances by simply pressing the different buttons on the back, or you can select the variable setting to keep your pup guessing as it launches the ball at a random distance each time. Completely controlled by you!
Answer: iFetch warrants to the purchaser of this product (“Customer”) that this product will be free from defects in material or workmanship, under normal use, for a period of six (6) months from the date of Customer’s receipt of the product from iFetch or its authorized reseller. The product warranty is non-transferable and shall automatically terminate if Customer resells or transfers the product.
Proof of Purchase must be provided by Customer to the iFetch Customer Care Center before a warranty claim can be honored.
Call: (512) 219-3271
Fax: (512) 345-0178
Email: [email protected]
Attn: iFetch Customer Care Center
3250 Hatch Road
Cedar Park, Texas 78613 USA
iFetch’s sole obligation under this express product warranty shall be, at iFetch’s option and expense, to repair the defective product, deliver to Customer an equivalent product to replace the defective product, or if neither of the two foregoing options are reasonably available, iFetch may refund to Customer the purchase price paid for the defective product. All products that are replaced will become the property of iFetch.Replacement products may be new or reconditioned. iFetch warrants any replaced or repaired product for ninety days (90) days from shipment, or the remainder of the initial warranty period, whichever is longer. Defective products returned to iFetch under this product warranty may be sent either shipping prepaid or, if pre-approved by iFetch, via United Parcel Service ground transportation with shipping due (which will be paid by iFetch upon receipt), must be packaged appropriately for safe shipment and it is recommended that they be insured or sent by a method that provides for tracking of the package. Responsibility for loss or damage does not transfer to iFetch until the returned item is received by iFetch.The repaired or replaced item will be shipped to Customer, at iFetch’s expense, not later than thirty (30) days after iFetch receives the defective product, and iFetch will retain risk of loss or damage until the item is delivered to Customer.
iFetch will not be liable under this limited warranty if its testing and examination disclose that the alleged defect or malfunction in the product does not exist or resulted from:
Failure to follow iFetch’s operation and maintenance instructions;
Unauthorized product alteration;
Weather conditions;
Damage to the product caused by any animal;
Abuse, misuse, negligent acts or omissions of Customer and/or persons under Customer’s control; or
Acts of third parties, acts of God, accident, fire, or other hazards.
Some countries, states, or provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or the limitation of incidental or consequential damages for certain products supplied to consumers or the limitation of liability for personal injury, so the above limitations and exclusions may be limited in the application to you. When the implied warranties are not allowed to be excluded in their entirety, they will be limited to the duration of the applicable written warranty. This Limited Warranty & Limitation of Liability gives you specific legal rights which may vary depending on local law.
This Limited Warranty & Limitation of Liability shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas, U.S.A., and by the laws of the United States, excluding their conflicts-of-law principles. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is hereby excluded in its entirety from application to this Limited Warranty. All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. Do not remove (or allow anybody else to remove) any product identification, copyright or other notices.

Answer: I’ve had TWO of these (small) Ifetch launchers and when I put brand new C-batteries in it (ONLY BATTERIES–with no power cord) it only throws a ball 10′ and no further.

I returned the first one to the ebay seller, and this NEW unit does the same THING.

Anyone else have this problem? I bought it to use with only batteries and we’re pretty disappointed! I’d like to hear from Ifetch! If this is normal, then this should be stated in the LISTING!! AND the manual!!

Answer: Yes! We are almost ready to release the iFetch Too, the version for larger dogs. You should see it available in late September.

iFetch Ball Launcher Reviews

We’ve purchased 4 different ball tossers and this one is head and shoulders above the others. In our case the ball size is perfect as we can use the small balls we’ve been using for some time (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B087RBH8XH/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1). Our Pomeranian loves it because the size is perfect for her and it tosses the ball a good ways out so she really has to run to fetch ’em back. She’s always returned the ball to my hand for another toss, so now ALL I gotta do is get her to realize my hand is round and looks like blue colored plastic.”

“This product does just what it is suppose to do. It works fantastic and my little Doxie is in love with it! It really works! Bought a different brand and lets just say it is in the trash. Spend the extra money for this one it works great! Lots of fun for your doggie.
I would purchase it again”

“My dog who is ball obsessed loves this. I did have to place some items…plant pots in my case, around the front and sides to keep her from standing/ loading the launcher from the front/sides. This makes her load it from the back and gives time for the ball to eject.
It took about a week to train her to use it.”

“My dog loves this thing. He barks and bounces around the whole time we are playing with it.”

“Got this for my Border Collie and he’s obsessed. Freaked him out at first but now he stares at it if you even bump it, ready to go. Comes just as pictured. First setting is great for indoors. Second is a little strong. Third almost killed my boyfriend when I was testing it. Definitely best for outside 😉 The reviews are right – if the ball gets way too slobbery then it won’t shoot but that’s after quite a while, just switch to the next ball – there’s three. The machine does get tired if it goes back to back to back to back throws, but then with a 2 minute rest it’s back to full speed. Understandable issues, no biggie, love this product.”

Babble Ball

If your pup perks up every time she hears another animal on TV, she’ll get a kick out of this toy. The motion activated ball chirps, grrs, and croaks at her while she barks and chases it around.

Babble Ball Q&A

Answer: I have a 10 lb. Chihuahua-Jack Russel mix who is a very aggressive chewer. The first one I bought was a small size and she loved it. However, she could carry it in her mouth and therefore chew it. It leaves small shards of hard plastic on the ball which hurt her mouth. The next one I got was the medium size and its perfect. It drives her crazy that she can’t carry it or chew on it as easily. She still does a pretty good job of destroying it so I put it inside of socks or other toys to make it more difficult. It is by far her FAVORITE toy and will play with it for hours nonstop. I hope this helps.
Answer: This ball is a hard plastic ball not to be bounced but rolled. My dog is not blind but loves this ball and is her favorite toy. The ball does continue to make sounds for a short time after being pushed and will also makes sounds when barked at within a few inches of the ball. Hope this helps
Answer: Yes but really didn’t work right after
Answer: Yes. It take three LR44 button batteries. (Under $8 for 20 and well worth it if your pets enjoy the Babble Ball as much as my dog and all his canine buddies!) Remove the two screws in the top of the ball. You can use a pair of needle nose pliers to open the battery compartment once the screws are removed. Apply gentle pressure on the pliers and pull the round cover straight out. You will be able to see the batteries once the cap is out. Easy!

Babble Ball Reviews

“Our dog loves to play with this.”

“Dog loves these balls! Have one of each kind”

“Crack ball! Our puppy goes absolutely nuts when this ball is out! We have to limit the amount of time she plays with it.”

“My puppy loves this ball. I’m going to order two more for our other dogs.”

“Its cute..but plain…ita straight hard plastic..get something with a cover on it..but it works great”


This toy is the perfect indoor solution for dogs who love to dig. Nicole Ellis says it’s one of her pup’s favorites. “I stuff it with his food, his toys, and his blankets,” she says. “Even when he’s got it all out, he keeps on digging until he falls asleep.”

iDig Q&A

Answer: We have a Dachshund and she absolutely loves it BUT she was also able to tear it apart…. in virtually no time, actually. We were quite disappointed with how easily she was able to destroy it.
Answer: Our dachshund loves it! However, the white plastic/rubber pieces that hold the different layers of fabric in place broke off. The fabric itself has held up well. Our dog still plays with it, but we can’t secure the fabric pieces in place.
Answer: The product was designed while watching a Husky puppy dig 🙂
It holds up well and gives dogs a place to dig. We have trainers who can help you teach him to dig in the iDig, not in the yard. Start with lots of praise when he digs in the iDig.
The material is very durable, and we will have flaps made of even more durable ballistic nylon
Answer: I don’t know. My dog weighs about 20 lbs. Go to the vender’s website. It has a lot of information that you may be able to use.

iDig Reviews

“Seemingly indestructible, but not impossible to figure out. This enrichment toy was a hit on Christmas Day and for days after. One dog at a time here, though, ‘cuz my girl resource guards.”

“I struggle to keep my mini dachshund entertained inside since she doesn’t really enjoy fetch and she only plays with toys to destroy them. She also loves to dig. I’ve been eying this toy for a while but was unsure about the price, especially since I didn’t know if she would like it. We decided to buy it for her for Christmas and it has been an instant hit. There are numerous pockets to hide treats in, which keeps her occupied for a good amount of time. I can tell it tires her out because when she’s done finding all the treats, she goes to lay down and take a nap. We’re truly pleased at how much she loves this toy! I don’t know if I recommend the toy for a larger dog or a really strong chewer (our doxie does like to chew but I wouldn’t say she’s a strong chewer, just a determined one). The flaps might get torn easier with a more aggressive chewer, but I can’t be sure. They do seem durable, and the iFetch website (the company who makes the toy) has flaps for sale individually in case something rips. Overall, extremely happy with this toy!”

“It works awesome she dig!! you can hide treats in it love it except that the accessibility to the inner structure that stretches it is covered in plastic and she can get to it and will eventually chew it up it should be secured inside the bottom area, but it’s not”

“We have a very energetic 8month old GR in an apartment (no garden) and decided to get her idig to see if it’ll keep her entertained. I was a little hesitant because of the price but it’s worth it. She loves it. Literally started digging in it the second we got it out of the box and it will keep her busy for half an hour uninterrupted, which is a win with this furball. Not only does she dig for treats but she also tries to hide her treats that she gets from us in there. Funny to watch. Goes through a little tantrum every time she can’t get out the awesome smelling yum yums 🤩 so, our dog definitely gives it 5 stars 💫✨💫🔝”

“It didn’t stop her from digging in the garden but it is a nice toy. She can dislodge the fabric folds that hold the treats but it is simple to slot them back in. She can get the treats right away so I have to curb it because I don’t want her to eat too many treats. She stops using it right away when I don’t load it with treats.”

Aïkiou Feeder and Playset

The Aïkiou feeder requires pups to think hard in order to open its compartments for treats and kibble. Certified professional dog trainer Russell Hartstein, founder of Fun Paw Care Dog Training in Los Angeles, says that’s a good thing. “[Most] healthy animals would rather work for their food than simply be given it in a bowl,” he says.

Aïkiou Feeder and Playset Q&A

Answer: Oooh… good question. Probably, but my dogs have snouts so it is easy for them to use. I have a pit bull and a chow . the “finger” compartments are approx. 2″ x 2″ and about 2″ deep. the compartments in the middle are a tad larger. I also have another dish that looks like a maze, that one might be better for you.
This might a bit uncomfortable for your dog to get the food out of the little compartments – it is great to slow down my pitti from snarfing her food, but overall I’d say no for a flat face dog.

Aïkiou Feeder and Playset Reviews

“Dogs absolutely love it. Holds up to them beating it around They figure it out easy enough that they werent discouraged. They love it!”

“We have a ton of enrichment toys, but this is one of my dogs’ favorite. I’m not sure why she likes it so much since it makes a bit of noise when you slide the things on the toe parts and she typically doesn’t like that, but she loves this thing. I like that it’s easy to fill and she can’t chew on it like she does with some of the other puzzle feeders. My other dog, though, does not like this one at all, so I think it’s a tossup if your dog might like it.”

“Our dogs inhale their food, this slows them down about 10 seconds… okay, maybe a little more than 10 seconds, but I love that it holds their entire serving. I only use with dry kibble (dinner), but I’m sure would work with wet, but way more mess than what I want to deal with. We used other methods to slow down breakfast which is the wet meal.”

“Gave as a gift. My son and his dog love this bowl. He has a Large Dog and this eating bowl really slows the dog down when he is eating and not just gobbling his food. would buy again as gift.”

“At first my pup wasn’t sure about this dog bowl, but now she barks and hops with excitement when she sees us preparing it for her. She absolutely loves it!! She is so adorable opening and closing the compartments.”

Idepet Dog Toy Ball

This rubber toy works double duty: You can fill it with kibble to create a puzzle your dog can solve by himself, or use it to play a traditional game of fetch.

Idepet Dog Toy Ball Q&A

Answer: Not at all unfortunately. Can’t find much for tough constant chewers.
Answer: The package does say mint flavored and you’re right, it doesn’t mention it anywhere in the description. Just got mine and my dog is not a fan yet, wondering if it’s because of the mint.
Answer: Depends on how you want to use it. It is about 3-4” across and as a ball to play fetch with it may be a little large for a mini schnauzer but as an enrichment/“busy” toy it is a great size. I stuff kibble or pieces of cheese into the grooves to give my dog something to do on a rainy day.

Answer: My guess is “no” based on the fact that it doesn’t state “made in the USA”. Also, I looked up the Company (idepet) on the web. Their web page doesn’t indicate where their products are made. Plus there is some very bizarre language near the bottom of their web page- I can’t figure out what language it is.

On a side note- although my dog likes this ball, it has an awful chemical odor that doesn’t go away. So I’m not convinced that the ball is “not toxic”

Idepet Dog Toy Ball Reviews

“Our dog absolutely loves this ball, possibly because he loves treats too. Treats and a ball are a big hit!”

“These are great for a growing puppy”

“Love this ball, soft and easy to put treats in. Dog loves it too. I have a active puppy and this ball does the trick. Keeps him busy for a while. It’s a durable ball, I believe it’s chew proof.”

“These are awesome for occupying my dogs. They are brutal on toys and rip the stuffed ones apart in a matter of hours. I fill these up with soft training treats and put dog biscuits and peanut butter in the center. I can toss these into the yard and by the time the pets come back in I’ve got my stuff done. Perfect.”

“Dog got too smart and then proceeded to shred it

Ballistic Hide ‘n Treat

The Ballistic relies on Velcro to keep its treats inside. “While this isn’t a super difficult treat toy, the pups love it,” says Ellis. “I wouldn’t give it to a strong chewer, but for the small-to-medium crew and puppies, it’s a huge hit.”

Ballistic Hide ‘n Treat Q&A

Answer: The manufacturer does not state it is machine washable, but several other users have commented on their experience washing the toy.
Answer: Treats stay in the toy. Your pet has to figure out how to get into it when the petals are velcroed together. Mine spent about 10 minutes trying to open it then just chewed open the side of one of the petals to get to the treats.
Answer: I don’t see a loop. This hide a treat toy has essentially three side that Velcro together together, hiding a treat that you’ve placed.

Question: Does it float?

Answer: I don’t think so, or at least not for long. It would soak up water and sink pretty quick I would think.

Ballistic Hide ‘n Treat Reviews

“My dog loves this, whether it has treats in it or not. It does sometimes fly open, but she is pretty ruthless to it too.”

“My little shih tzu can’t be bothered with toys and running around, lol, so this is perfect! I fill it and give it to her as I’m leaving for work and she starts going at it right away, which distracts her and helps to avoid the sad face and cry when I leave—perfect!”

“What a great way to occupy two dogs at the same time. Together they worked hard to get this open, then to find the treats. Only thing, if you have a heavy chewer, let them get the treat then pick it up. My one dog kept going at the flavor of the pocket and he can chew through anything! Nothing is too hard for this dog. Other than that, it is a great product!”

“Our dog loves these puzzles. He’s not terribly food motivated, but he really enjoys opening up these puzzles and digging out all the food bits we put in for him. It’s a great way to get his mind engaged, and get him moving and active without us having to entertain him. Sometimes he’ll even dig it out of the toy basket to play with even when there aren’t any treats in it. The velcro and edging don’t last as long as the body of the toy, but they aren’t expensive, so replacing them now and again is a small price to pay for how much fun he seems to have with them.”

“My dog loves them, we have three and she frequently receives her meals in them after I hide them around the house. I like them because they’re quicker and easier to fill than a traditional Kong rubber toy, and work well with dry food alone. They’re also easy to hand wash occasionally, they may even be machine washable but I haven’t tried that.”


Stuff this plush toy with tiny squirrels for your dog to sniff out. Once he masters the game, the little stuffed animals are perfect for fetch.

Hide-A-Squirrel Q&A

Answer: I have an Aussie cattle. And he loves this toy but demolished the trunk by dissecting it. The squirrels are all in tact except a few hairs and ears.
Answer: I didn’t purchased the L. I only have the ginormous size. The log is big enough for my 100 lb boxer. But the squirrels are pretty small. I imagine they are the same sized squirrels as the L. I hope this helps!
Answer: I purchased a “large”. I have a 13 pound poodle/dachshund mix. But my neighbors 70 pound standard poodle plays with it as well.
Answer: My dog was about 55lbs and 6 months old. He ripped all the little squirrels open, more like chipmunks really. He likes to pull out the stuffing. He didn’t ingest anything, just shredded the chipmunks. The tree is still pretty much intact. The jumbo size doesn’t have bigger chipmunks, just a bigger stump that has more chipmunks. My dog loved this toy.

Hide-A-Squirrel Reviews

“Loves the idea. Bought 2 and neither lasted 2 weeks. A corgi and a beagle both 2 years old gutted the things”

“my dogs absolutely love this toy! even after they have devoured and killed all the squeaky little squirrels that come inside the stump, they still run around playing with the tree stump Heidi house that they came in!
to be honest, the six little baby squirrel squeaky toys it come inside the tree stump house didn’t last very long, but I have a dire husky and a German Shepherd Husky crossbreed that are both known four destroying even indestructible toys in record time. So I do not fault outward hound on this. The squirrels actually feel like they be quite fun for any dog and squeak well. They just don’t last long once my two dogs get done fighting over them, Although my one likes to take them and hide them so they’ll mysteriously show up out of nowhere weeks later… But anyway…”

“Fun toy for a senior golden retriever. Keeps him busy for a few minutes. The squirrels are easy to shred. Trunk of toy is more durable. It’s one of those toys we bring out every once in awhile. I’m not comfortable leaving it out all the time. Squirrels are small, easy to tear up and could be ingested.”

“Bought this for my chocolate lab who was on the mend from a knee injury and needed something to keep her busy since she couldn’t play fetch for a while. My normally destructive 3-year-old dog LOVES THIS. Great find!”

“My doggo loves it but the little squirrels come out a little too easily. The top hole is really wide, if he has it in his mouth and does a shake they can fly out the top hole. Side holes are a lil smaller but still easy to pull the critters out of. Could be more of a challenge with less holes and smaller but it captures his attention for now”

Nina Ottosson Treat Maze

Both Ellis and Hartstein recommend Nina Ottosson’s puzzle toys and games. This interactive one is great for independent play, although you can also toss it to your dog to make it a game for two. Reviewers on Chewy said the toy entertained their pups for anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

Nina Ottosson Treat Maze Q&A

Answer: It’s plastic. Also very durable. I have an 80 lb American bulldog. He likes to lift the flaps, grab a hold of the flaps, and “throw” the game to the side. He learned most treats fall out that way. Lazy cheater. Regardless, the game is still fully in tact, and flaps easily pop back on. Some of the white bone middle covers have been chewed on, and still fit perfectly for intended use.
Answer: This is meant as an interactive game that you play with your dog/puppy. It helps their brain to grow and presents them with various different challenges, depending on which game you get. They are not meant to be left alone, unsupervised, with these puzzles. They are not meant to be chew toys. I have every one of these games, and they have lasted YEARS. They will not last if left unsupervised with aggressive chewers or puppies. With creativity, you can continue to make these more challenging by wrapping them in blankets putting them up on a stepstool, setting them in a box, just for a few examples. Get creative, shake things up, and your dog will have years and years of interactive fun with you.
Answer: Yes. My 5lb chihuahua loves this puzzle. The pieces are lightweight to open and slide. Her biggest challenge is the white center caps, but only mentally challenging. She has to nudge it up with her nose then pulls it out with her paw. It does take a little while for her to get them so I only use 2 of the white caps. If I want to keep her occupied longer I can use all 4.

Answer: Hello and thank you for your question! This product is not dishwasher safe. We recommend washing it with warm soapy running water and rinsing thoroughly.

If you have any additional questions please let us know!

Thank you,
Outward Hound Team

Nina Ottosson Treat Maze Reviews

“My dog loves this! He caught on super quick and gets so excited every time I bring it out! It’s super durable, and I know cause he’ll pick it up and throw it around to get into the toy!”

“I purchased the Level 2 Hide and Slide for my 2 year old Husky and my almost 1 year old German Shepard. They have only played with the treat dispensing balls so I got the Level 2 game and it was super easy for them. I just purchased the Level 3 Twister for them to increase the difficulty. Still love and use the Hide and Slide but I want to expand the mind games for my dogs.”

“We bought several of these for the hounds and Tabbies for Christmas, and this was the one they could interact with the best and liked the most. Thanks!”

“I bought this for my nine-month old Border Collie, a clever and easily bored breed of dog! At first he was a bit scared of it and although I showed him how it worked, he left it in the middle of the room for a couple of hours. Curiosity got the better of him and although I had put two of the white bricks in, it didn’t take him more than a couple of minutes to work it out. A bit frustrating at first and he tried to eat the bricks! By the third try he pretty much had it worked out but it keeps him occupied checking that he’s found everything. People may be concerned about the number of treats given but I put slices of carrot, broccoli, etc., in there, which he likes. The instructions suggest putting string through the holes in the bricks. I did so and the dog did use it sometimes. If you’re going to suggest that though, manufacturer, perhaps put a length of string in the box. It adds to the cost to buy some.”

“I bought this for my nine-month old Border Collie, a clever and easily bored breed of dog! At first he was a bit scared of it and although I showed him how it worked, he left it in the middle of the room for a couple of hours. Curiosity got the better of him and although I had put two of the white bricks in, it didn’t take him more than a couple of minutes to work it out. A bit frustrating at first and he tried to eat the bricks! By the third try he pretty much had it worked out but it keeps him occupied checking that he’s found everything. People may be concerned about the number of treats given but I put slices of carrot, broccoli, etc., in there, which he likes. The instructions suggest putting string through the holes in the bricks. I did so and the dog did use it sometimes. If you’re going to suggest that though, manufacturer, perhaps put a length of string in the box. It adds to the cost to buy some.”

Busy Buddy Calming Toys

For the anxious dog, this toy is important for two reasons. It challenges her by slowly releasing kibble as she rolls it around and soothes her at the same time with a calming chamomile scent.

Busy Buddy Calming Toys Q&A

Answer: Great question! The PetSafe Busy Buddy Calming Toys are only available in the small and medium sizes.
Answer: Thank you for this question, Ariel! This package does contain both toys.
Answer: Thank you for your great question, Katie. Neither of these toys squeak.
Answer: I use the Mickey Mouse shaped one as a treat dispenser (I put dog food kibble in it because their kibble is small enough), and I use the snowman shaped one as a peanut butter lick . My dogs are happy with them and it keeps them distracted when we leave the house.

Busy Buddy Calming Toys Reviews

“I somehow didn’t realize 2 came in the package. My dog really enjoys them so far.”

“our EXTREMELY food motivated 3 month old mini Aussie was able to flip this over and figure it out in no time, even though it’s heavy. Our 2 year old mini (who has other slow feeders she’s figured out) didn’t want to put forth the effort required since there are no side holes. We did trim the flexible prongs some, which is helpful. I do like that you can insert different sizes of kibble in the holes. It’s quite sturdy. Also, the bone shaped grooves on the outside would be convenient to spread peanut butter, pumpkin, etc in to provide another way to use it. In that regard, it’d be nice if the grooves were a little deeper to allow more food to be spread in there. Since one of the dogs found it useful, I changed my rating from 3 stars to 5.”

“My buddy Bailey is a six month old puppy with lots of energy. When he gets bored he gets a little wild. We give him the busy buddy stocked with a few of his favorite treats and he stays busy for 30 minutes sometimes. He loves it, and we love the quiet for awhile!”

“Have an 80 lb American Staffordshire who can chew through about anything. These are amazing and she hasn’t made any teeth indentations at all!! Highly recommend for an active chewer!

“I got this for a senior hunting dog I rescued. He gets bored easily. I put his kibble in it and it keeps him busy.”

Mad Scientist

Okay, so it’s not exactly chemistry, but your dog will have to figure out how to flip these treat-filled beakers for his experiment to be a success.

Mad Scientist Q&A

Answer: Hi, there is a cap on top of the cups. It had a smaller opening to control how much kibble comes out, or you could leave it off if the opening is to small. The down side to that is one spin and all the kibble would come out of that specific cup.
Answer: We buy the little training treats or break up dog biscuits into smaller pieces. We tried putting dog food in at first, but couldn’t interest any of the three dogs we tried it on. We got their attention with the treats.
Answer: I’m not sure if he would be big enough. My small Schnauzer is 12 lb. and stands about 10 inches at her shoulder and it scares her, but she would be able to make it work otherwise. My bigger guy is 21 lb and stands about 14 inches at the shoulder and he does quite well. He did drag it over on it’s side when he first learned to play with it. I’m thinking your Maltese might be too short. Good luck.
Answer: Not sure how tall standard poodles are but I think it would be OK and if not secure it to something a little taller. This is the best Trixie product we’ve had and our dogs continue to work it a couple of months in

Mad Scientist Reviews

“My peanut-brained chihuahua can’t figure this one out. He will guard it from the cat all day even though he can’t get the treats out. I think the design is executed well and will try it on my boyfriend next.”

“My cat eats like his life depends on it every time we feed him, and it often made his tummy upset. Our vet suggested some sort of puzzle for his food and this is great! We feed him wet food and dry food. For the best ease of cleaning, I highly recommend putting wet food in the little trays and dry food in the rest of the puzzle. We tried putting wet food in the main part first and not only did he struggle to eat that, (and not in a good way), but it made it a nightmare to clean. If you follow my recommendation, its definitely easy to clean. I’m also surprised by how well it stays rooted to its spot. Our cat realllyy has to push to move it.”

“Birthday gift for our little Westie. She loves hide and seek ( finding hidden treats) and is very treat orientated. She loves this little game. With the extra tubes and lids its great value. 10 minutes is about long enough as its very tiring. All in all very glad I bought it”

“I love this toy because you can see my dogs really thinking how to open and get to there treats. This is helpful if you have a smart puppy or dog.”

“My pup caught on quickly and the product worked well. My only complaint is that it would start to tip over when she got vigorous with trying to get the treats and she’s only 12 lbs. I’ll add more weight to the base in the future and it should be fine.”

GameChanger Disk

The GameChanger will keep your dog occupied while he’s alone, but you can also play it with him by helping him toss it around. The toy dispenses treats as your pup flips, rolls, and digs at it. “Pro tip,” says Ellis, “be sure to use treats or kibble small enough to fit through the holes or you will have a very frustrated pup.”

GameChanger Disk Q&A

Answer: Hi! This is Robert from Global Dog. I believe that was a previous customer who wrote that they used those treats. We don’t actually recommend any specific treat. You can use whichever treat is your pup’s favorite. If they are too big to fit throuugh the holws, you would just need to break them into smaller pieces. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Answer: I have two large dogs at 65 pounds and 85 pounds each. My guess is that it’s a bit much for a smaller dog, but I have no experience with what smaller dogs can and cannot destroy
Answer: The top cover comes off and there are 4 compartments to put food in. Then snap the top back on. You can put maybe 1 cup on food/snacks in it as full. I don’t know about any guarantee. Sorry.
Answer: My dog chews quite a bit as well and it keeps him busy and has with-stood his chewing … hasn’t shown any type of destruction so far. We put small kibble (cat food) in it since that’s the smallest I’ve found that fits through the holes. …keeps him mentally stimulated while we are gone since we’ve found that he has some sepe ration anxiety. . Well made, strong product. Recommend it

GameChanger Disk Reviews

“My 6 month old golden retriever uses lots of these treat/puzzle toys to keep her busy and out of trouble. She enjoys this one and it is just the right level of difficulty on the hardest setting (top and bottom holes aligned). I would recommend this product if you have small sized treats or kibble to dispense.

-Very sturdy, well made and safe for your dog. MADE IN USA (Big Plus!)

-It is quiet and made of fairly soft rubber -It doesn’t roll under furniture or get stuck under cabinets like some other treat toys

-VERY easy to clean and fill

– My large puppy has used this for 3 months and it still looks brand new. No scratches or bite marks which makes me believe it will last for years to come. -It has two levels of difficulty, so you can start easy and work up to the harder level.”

“I was a skeptic and didn’t believe a toy this simple could hold my 6 month old CORGI’s attention for more than 2 minutes. Every other toy we have tried, he is good with for a short time, then gets sick of. Holy buckets, folks. This is BY FAR his FAVORITE toy! He plays with it all the time and has even learned how to not get it stuck under furniture. We finally have a break from keeping his little mind stimulated. He’s had it for about a month and is still obsessed with it.

We put his small kibble (N&D mini) mixed with broken up freeze dried turkey (Stella and Chewy’s) in it and it keeps him busy for hours. He’s getting food that’s good for him and we don’t have to worry about any filler junk from brands we don’t trust that might upset his little tummy. Major win-win!”

“My dog loves this. He will work hard for the treats and he is very engaged. That being said – he will start chewing on it when he gets tired and lays down with it. His choppers will start tearing out little pieces around the edges. That’s when I take it away and put it up until next time. It takes some trial and error finding the right sized treats. They need to be small enough to come out but not so small that they pour out. Zukes Skinny Bakes are oval and are the best I have found.”

“Best food dispensing toy I’ve tried yet. The holes aren’t big enough for the biggest kibble, so I filled mine with cat food a few times, then bought the ‘small dogs’ size of the kibble I normally get the next time I went shopping. I have a 6 month old Malinois, and he carries this around with him, and tosses it around and chews on it, even after the food is gone, and hasn’t damaged it at all. Malinois proof – that’s some durability!”

“My 16 pound Dachshund loves this toy….he plays with it for hours. Has yet to get it open. I find it works best to buy softer treats and simply cut them with scissors to just fit thru the holes. The little mini treats work fine as well but they are a bit smaller than the holes so tend to drop through a little too easily. My dog does tend to push it around and eventually pushes it under the sofa.”

Nina Ottosson Treat Dispenser

This toy requires some supervision because of its smaller pieces, but it’ll get your pup thinking hard. The scent holes and removable bones allow him to sniff out and retrieve his reward — a yummy treat

Nina Ottosson Treat Dispenser Q&A

Answer: I mean I think it would be pretty unlikely even for larger dogs, seeing as how it’s just an odd size to swallow. But they could always chew down. I only give it to my pup when I’m around because after she finishes the puzzle she likes chewing on the covers.
Answer: Hi, I have a 78# greyhound, and this is one of his favorite toys. He gets part of his kibble ration in one of these every day. Mostly, he uses his nose to move the small parts around, but he does sometimes use his paw to rotate the large circle in the middle. I hope this info helps!
Answer: Hello! We offer 3 levels of Nina Ottosson Games – Level 1: Easy, Level 2: Intermediate, Level 3: Advanced. This is a Level 3 Nina Ottosson Game and considered advanced because the dog must complete a series of steps to get the treat rewards. You can start easier with this game by not locking the blue pieces into place, making it easier for the dog to side them around and find the rewards. Once they get better at it, you can increase the difficulty by locking the blue pieces into place with the white locks. The dog will need to pull the lock out in order to move the blue top pieces and uncover the treats. You can vary the difficulty for your Maltese! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team at [email protected] Thanks!
Answer: Hello Lawrence and thank you for your question!
Yes, the older Nina Ottosson bones can be used with this game.
Thank you and have a dog-gone good day!

Nina Ottosson Treat Dispenser Reviews

“My dog (10yo 17lb Jack Russell/poodle mix, light chewer, food motivated, smart enough to figure out kitchen cabinets) is a huge fan of every food puzzle I have gotten him, because, well, food! This one has kept his interest even after he figured out how to solve it, because now I only put kibbles in some of the compartments so he has to sniff out the right ones to open.

I set some ground rules for puzzles like this, and the dog figured them out quickly with consistent enforcement:

1) The puzzle starts when I say “all right”, and not a moment sooner (so I can fill puzzles where he can watch me doing it). If he tries to go for the puzzle before I give him the go-ahead, he gets physically blocked and told to “stay” (he knows stay).

2) No tipping the puzzle. If he tries to flip or tip any of these puzzle boards I immediately pick it up and keep it out of his reach for five minutes.

3) No chewing the puzzle. All removable parts of the puzzle are picked up as soon as he removes them. Mouthing the puzzle and using teeth to pick pieces up is okay, but if he tries to settle down for a chewing session with a piece, both the piece and the puzzle are picked up for five minutes. (He always has rubber toys and nylon bones available to him.)

After he has revealed almost all of the compartments (I don’t count or pay close attention now that he plays with puzzles gently), I say “all done!”, flip the puzzle upside down and shake to make sure it is emptied (usually one or two stray bits of food or treat fall out and are promptly eaten), and put it away out of reach.

“This is a well made toy, but it was too easy for my Golden Retriever because he simply flipped the entire thing over to dump all the treats out at once – lol! I therefore recommend this toy to smaller dogs.”

“My Standard Poodle mix who is 10, loves this puzzle. He is difficult to buy for, since almost every puzzle toy I’ve bought for him is too easy to keep him entertained. This puzzle was challenging for him when I first got it out of the box (I didn’t show him how to work the drawers and locks at all as an extra challenge), and it quickly became one of his favorites. This is also durable, as it was tested a few times during his frustrations when he would pick it up and throw it or try to dig the locks apart. I bought this back in February and I’ve waited to write a review until he finally mastered it to see if it would survive. Overall, a well-made, difficult puzzle for a wicked-smart old man!”

“I bought this for my 1 year old cocker spaniel. The first time she tried it, it took her about 2 minutes to solve the puzzle. Soon after, though, she did it in seconds. The puzzle is sturdy and well-designed. In order to get to the treats, your dog has to first move the sliding part away and then move the cover off the place where the treat is. If the dog does this in the wrong order, he won’t be able to access all the treats. I noticed over the course of about 3 days, my dog figured all this out and now she is quite methodical in the way she moves the parts. But she still solves it in about 20 seconds but still likes solving the puzzle and getting the treats, even though it’s not much of a challenge any more.”

My husky/lab/mystery mix figured it out in about 5 minutes but she really enjoyed it. Unfortunaltly she doesn’t like normal dog toys and will only fetch a ball for a treat. It’s only puzzles like these that really grab her attention and this thing feels durable enough to last for years. Obviously I wouldn’t recommend this to a chewer and you should always supervise your dog with toys if they are. This is a puzzle, not a heavy duty rubber tire.”

Kong Wobbler

The Kong Wobbler is similar to the Kong Classic, except that — you guessed it — it wobbles. Hartstein says it’s one of his favorite toys for the pups in his care. And don’t worry, the Wobbler unscrews for easy cleaning and filling.

Kong Wobbler Q&A

Answer: the hole is pretty big but they have to roll and knock it over to dispense. i put a small piece of tape over the hole for a little while but removed it – if it’s too difficult to get the food out my puppy looses interest – he loves this! we use it daily for the crazy hyper puppy hour to simmer him down 🙂 i use royal canin but blue buffalo is about the same size. I use only about 20 pieces of food in it at a time. I have a golden retriever, he is currently 4 1/2 months old and 30 lbs and will easily grow and still enjoy it. 
Answer: According to another site, these are the dimensions of both:
Size Dimensions Capacity
SMALL 6 x 5.3 inches 1/2 cup
LARGE 7 x 6.5 inches 1 cup
Answer: My dog has loved this ever since she was 10 lbs – it’s the large size. (She’s 11 years old now, and 22 lbs.) It stands easily when I set it down but falls over at a mere touch. I buy her brand’s kibble in the large-dog size so it only tumbles out 1-2 at a time. Even so, she empties it in about 10 minutes. (She normally gets the small-dog size kibble.) It uses up a lot of energy – she literally charges at it to start and knocks it around vigorously for the rest. I now put it in the foyer rather than the tv room because it’s so loud hitting walls and furniture legs. Doesn’t do damage despite its being so sturdy. I use this for supper if we haven’t walked or gone in the car that day, and she naps soundly after beating it up. It’s a magnificent toy!
Answer: Kong website says it is made in the USA from FDA food-approved, high strength,plastic polymer.

Kong Wobbler Reviews

“I purchased this Starmark Bob-A-Lot and the Kong Wobbler at the same time. My dog does prefer the KONG Wobbler (See picture for comparison), because it is easier to knock treats out. The Starmark is nice, because you can customize it. On the KONG: You just unscrew the top of the beehive from the base and place treats on the little platform, then screw the lid back on. On the Starmark: You unscrew the yellow topper and put treats (I use his regular kibble and he enjoys it all the same) in the top.

There is a little switch inside that you can pull to the desired size, so treats don’t come out too easily. There is another switch like this on the side of the toy where the treats come out. I feel like the StarMark wobbling toy is more sturdy than the KONG version. I feel like the KONG version’s threading is going to wear down faster, as the StarMark seems to be more durable. (My dog likes to pick it up and drop it from the couch).

All in all, my dog prefers the KONG, but in the long run I think this one will stand the test of time. He has been playing with these for several months now and has not broken either one yet! (From 1.5 yr old 55lb super chewer Husky/German Shep Mix – Aldo)”

“My dog is extremely picky, but he’ll eat anything he has to chase. This toy helped out a ton! Also doubles as a great hat. Are we not men?”

“We love this toy.It keeps our husky mix puppy entertained for quite a long time – which is usually hard to do! We put a mix of his dry dog food mixed with a small handful of training treats such as Charlee Bear or Pet Botanics Training Rewards in it and he goes crazy.

Like some other reviews have mentioned, sometimes it dispenses too much, too easily. I suppose this varies depending on the size of treats/food you use to fill it with. To remedy this, we just put a little “lip” made of duct tape at the bottom of the hole on the inside and it seemed to help a lot (see picture).

Our dog is a crazy power-chewer and has not managed to wreck this toy, even though he’s destroyed just about every other Kong he has. So we love it as much as he does!”

“First of all, this toy is a lot bigger than I expected. I purchased the small for my 17 lb dog thinking it would be the size of a regular kong, and it is nearly as tall as she is. (The measurements are in the product description, so it’s my fault for not reading.) It’s not a bad thing, though. If it were smaller, it wouldn’t be challenging enough to really be much fun. She doesn’t have any trouble pushing it around and I don’t think it would be difficult for a smaller dog.

My dog loves this thing. She has quite a few treat dispensing toys, but this one is her favorite. She goes crazy when she sees me getting it out and she’ll even play with it when it’s empty. My dog is too smart for her own good and has learned how to “hack” all of her other treat dispensing toys. Because of the weighted bottom, she has no choice but to play with this one the way it was intended.

“Absolutely brilliant!

Solid construction, simplicity itself to use and clean – and the dogs LOVE IT!

We bought one each of these for our two dogs and it’s just so funny to watch them work out how to get their treats out. After a couple of goes they both adopted completely different techniques. One bats it around the kitchen floor as a game and he pounces on the treats as they fall out. The other dog takes it into the corner of her bed and taps it over in a much more controlled way. Kind of reflects both dogs’ characters, hilarious.

We bought the ‘small’ size – which is still pretty big. Perfect size for our fairly large Springer-cross (the size of a small Labrador) and Cockerpoo. Probably one of the best toy/treat purchases we’ve ever made for our dogs – and pretty much indestructible. :)”

Bob-a-Lot Dog Toy

Fill this wobbling toy with treats or kibble, then set the opening as big (easy) or small (challenging). Hand it over to your pup and watch her push it around to make the treats fall out.

Bob-a-Lot Dog Toy Q&A

Answer: This toy is made of hard plastic. It is not very noisy, just the noise of kibbles rolling around inside as your dog rolls the toy to get the treats. It is a fun toy for a dog. 🙂
Answer: This toy is made of hard plastic. It is not very noisy, just the noise of kibbles rolling around inside as your dog rolls the toy to get the treats. It is a fun toy for a dog. 🙂
Answer: From the Company’s Website: “Everlasting Treat Ball (medium and small sizes), Everlasting Bento Ball (all sizes), Treat Dispensing Chew Ball (medium size), and Treat Ringer Orb are made in USA. The remainder of our products are made in China at this time.”
Answer: We use smaller kibble, Taste of the Wild, and it’s almost too small. I don’t think it would be very useful for the large size kibble, you’d have to refill it several times to get a reasonable portion size. But the medium to small sizes work very well. I’m not sure of diameter measurements, at a guess I’d say you don’t want to go any bigger than the size of a dime.

Bob-a-Lot Dog Toy Reviews

“Excellent feeding toy. It performs as advertised. Many reviewers don’t seem to read the full description of this item. It is a hard plastic feeding toy for dogs and puppies that eat too fast. This is not a rubber toy to leave around for the dog to play with all the time. No where does it say this toy is durable against chewing. I have a 9 month old Boxer that knocks this thing all around the house during feeding time. She has never tried to chew it. I got it for her at 4 months old. She understands now that it is her meal dispenser for her 2 meals a day.

After a couple weeks she could tell when there is food in it and when it is empty by hitting it a little bit. It sounds like a maraca when it has food in it. She has never tried to chew the actual toy because I took the time to train her how to use it. It sounds like some reviewers are putting food or treats in the toy and leaving them unattended for a long duration, long enough to chew the cap off. Keep in mind that at first the dogs will think this toy has an unlimited supply of food inside it, so when it stops dispensing, they may be motivated to chew on it to get more to come out, this is where training comes in and not leaving the dog unattended. So don’t expect this to be a meal feeder and an all day toy that you can leave out, that is not what is is designed for. Another consideration to remember is don’t use this item upstairs where the dog can push the toy down the stairs, it would have a good chance of breaking.

In conclusion, I purchased this toy as a meal dispenser to slow the eating rate of my Boxer and it works perfectly. My Boxer gets excited when it comes out and it keeps her attention as she eats. It slows her eating pace down to about 20 minutes for 2 cups of Iams Puppy Food. I’ve never left it out as a toy for her to play with so now she doesn’t bother it unless it has food in it. One negative comment I have is trying to fill this dispenser with 2 cups of food is a bit tedious. Its takes about 3 minutes to get all the food in the little hole at the top where you have to shake it so it falls down in to the main lower chamber that has the 3 cup capacity. I would suggest they double the purpose of the cap and make it some sort of funnel. It would be very east given that its already close to being shaped like a small funnel. Just add a sliding door to the top of the cap like the other 2 doors on the toy. Hope this review helps, ignore the bad reviews, just use this toy as intended and you will have no problems.”

“My dog was having some issues with being left for more than a couple hours and our trainer suggested that we look into some interactive feeding solutions. I spent quite a bit of money on various ones, and this is by far her favorite. When I got it I really didn’t think she would like it. But she took right to it. I like that I can change the size of the holes to make it easier or harder. I don’t know if I am to keep the ribbon on it, but she loves that.

When we are are home she will go out to her area in the kitchen and drag it out to the family room and either keep feeding or drag it to us and paw it to let us know it is empty. Our dog is just 6 months old and only 5 pounds, so the amount of food it holds is perfect. I was setting down another interactive feeder when the kibble spilled. She ignored all the food on the floor and only wanted the pieces that she got out of her Bob-A-Lot. This has made such a difference. I had a hard time getting her to eat enough food, but not anymore. We have had it now for a few weeks, and she still loves it.”

“If I could give this toy 10 stars I would. It fascinates our dog. She learnt to push it with her nose within minutes and we leave it full for her every night”

“I bought this several years ago for my adult dog but she never really picked up on how it worked so it got put away in a closet to gather dust. Now fast forward a few years and unfortunately, my dog passed away. Through a very complicated set of circumstances, I ended up with a very young puppy, which really wasn’t ideal for me or her. I’m a disabled veteran and my dogs are not only my family, they are working service animals so an extremely young, untrained puppy was initially really more of a burden than an asset.

Having to deal with a very energetic and playful puppy was overwhelming even at the best of times since I can’t always do things like take her for a walk or do a lot of outside activities with her. I do try to do as many indoor activities with her as I can and am always looking or thinking of new games we can play or things that she can entertain herself with, especially on my really bad days. When she was about three months old, I happened to come across this toy and thought “what the heck… it’s worth a shot!” So I added a few treats and set it out. She immediately started playing with it and continued to play with it, even after she had gotten all the treats out.

She just absolutely loves this toy. And just a handful of treats gives her hours of play, exercise, mental stimulation and appropriate play. It’s even great at keeping her entertained when she’s crated. I’m so thankful I found this again and can’t say enough good things about it. It’s a definite must have if you have an active dog that you can’t always entertain.

“Our medium sized shepard mix uses this every day. I feel very guilty putting our dog in his cage, however, we can’t watch him 24/7 and he’ll eat: plastic bags, laundry lint, paper, the sign in our yard for our security system, plastic pot holders, frisbees, and dog beds, one took him longer than the other, but if it has stuffing, (even only a little around the edge) it will be chewed out. I don’t want him to have surgery to remove these things.

This toy gives him something to stimulate his brain. and he enjoys gnawing on the top yellow part, it has some teeth marks, but it’s still entirely intact. and he keeps working at getting the treats out until all of the treats are out. This toy keeps his attention the longest out of all of his toys when in his cage. It is so clever for the engineer to have added the slide doors in top and bottom to be able to change the difficulty level!”

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