Top 5 Deaf Dog Accessories That Ensure the Safety of Your Canine Friend

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Are you looking for the best deaf dog accessories to help you keep your deaf dog safe? Look no further than this comprehensive post on the top 5 deaf dog accessories. We dug deep to write this article because it is estimated that 5 to 10% of dogs in the US suffer from deafness.

Deafness is prevalent in adult dogs. However, little pups go deaf too. Even so, your furry friend can be born deaf. How can you tell your dog is deaf? Let’s walk you through signs your dog is going deaf.

Signs Your Dog is Going Deaf

If your dog has any of the below symptoms, it could be deaf.


  • Excessive barking
  • Pus and discharge in their ears
  • Little to no response to their squeaky toys
  • Unresponsiveness to their names
  • Little attentiveness and change in obedience

Once any of these signs appear, don’t let it weigh you down. Schedule an appointment with your vet immediately.

It might take a while, but you and your dog adjust. Even so, you have deaf dog accessories to help you connect with your dog.

Here are 5 deaf dog accessories to get you started. 

#1. Vibration Collar for Deaf Dogs

Vibration Collar - Deaf Dog Accessories

Unlike other dogs, it’s difficult to get the attention of a deaf dog. You can’t call out their names. However, a vibration collar can help you get their attention. They come with a remote with a button. The collar gently vibrates and gets your dog to look at you when you press it.

Start by placing the color on your dog’s leg instead of directly on their neck. The first vibration, though not painful or irritable, may startle it. This way, they’ll understand that it’s completely safe even when you shift the collar to their necks.

With this deaf dog accessory, you’ll no longer need to restrict them to your backyard. In addition, you can take your dog to the park worry-free, assured that even if they wander off, they’ll come back as soon as you press the button. 

#2. Deaf Dog Coat

Deaf Dog Coa - Deaf Dog Accessories

A deaf dog coat is stylish and keeps them warm in cold weather. It is a quicker way of letting others know that he’s deaf. This deaf dog accessory also alerts drivers when your dog is crossing the street.

Once you purchase the coat, print your contact details and address on it. This will come in handy in case your dog wanders far from home. Anyone who sees them can contact you and bring them back home.

#3. I Am Deaf Leash

I am Deaf Leash - Deaf Dog Accessories

Deaf dog coats aren’t ideal in summer. The hot weather plus the warmth of the coat can be unbearable. It makes them prone to heat rash.

So, what deaf dog accessories are suitable for hot seasons? We recommend getting them a deaf leash.

Make sure that each time you leave the house, you carry the leash with you, especially if you’ll be walking towards a place with high traffic. Like the deaf dog coat, have your contact details printed on the leash.

#4. GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker for Dogs - Deaf Dog Accessories

A GPS tracker lets you know exactly where your dog is in real-time. A great example is a GPS Tracker for Dogs. It comes accompanied by an app that is suitable for all smartphones.

The tracker is small and light and placed on your dog’s collar. You’ll be pleased to learn that a GPS tracker allows you to set up your dog’s profile. You can also choose a designated ‘safe zone.’ 

Each time they leave the pre-set location, a message alert will be sent to you. With the GPS tracker, you’ll have peace of mind even if you’re far away from your dog. 

#5. I Am Deaf Bandanas

I am Deaf Bandana - Deaf Dog Accessories

There are plenty of reasons you should get this bandana for your deaf dog. They are stylish and light, making them great for the summer and hot weather.

Besides, they come in multiple colors. You can color-coordinate your outfits to match when you’re going for a walk together. The bandana is hands down the perfect accessory for your deaf dog and doubles up as a fashion statement.

My advice is to invest in at least two of these products since they serve different purposes but, in turn, have one main goal: to keep your dog safe.

FAQs About Deaf Dogs

1. How do I wake my deaf dog?

To avoid startling your deaf dog, wake them up with the aroma of food. Place their feeding bowl close to their nose, and the nice smell will wake them up. If they have already eaten, you can alternate with your hand and let your scent wake them. Otherwise, gently pat their backs to wake them. 

2. How do I train my deaf dog?

You can train your deaf dog to communicate with you by using hand signals. The most common ones are: come, sit, good boy/good girl, no, and watch. These don’t have to be the standard hand signals. You could come up with your own as long as you’re consistent with the meaning of each signal.

Double up by using body language such as a smile and a thumbs up when they do something correctly. Don’t forget to reward them with treats when they get it right and make learning more fun.

Final Thoughts

Unlike humans, dogs don’t go through periods of self-pity. Rather than feeling bad for your dog, strategize and get access to the deaf dog accessories above to ensure their safety.

Once you come up with the hand signals we’ve mentioned, teach them to your children and everyone in your household. This will enable everyone to communicate with your dog. 

If you’re living with other pets, you might unintentionally focus on your deaf dog and neglect the rest. Remember to shower each pet with love and adequate attention. 

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