Top 5 Dollar General Cat Supplies for Your Feline Friend


You probably know that Dollar General is a treasure trove of amazing deals on food, pet supplies, and home goods. However, do you know that Dollar General Cat supplies are low priced?  You don’t have to break the bank to get your cat’s essential supplies.

In this post, we detail the top 5 Dollar General cat supplies to make your cat’s life healthier, happier and easier.Without further ado, lets dive right in.

Top 5 Dollar General Cat Supplies

Here is our list of the best Dollar General cat supplies.

1. Cat food

Cute tabby cat eating dry cat food from a white food bowl.

While many Dollar General cat supplies may catch your eye, your top priority should be food. Cats need a healthy diet to live long, happy lives, and ideally, their food should contain certain vitamins and minerals like taurine.

The good news is that Dollar General has high-quality cat food at low prices. There’s dry cat food for $4.25 for a 4lb bag, wet cat food in 6 packs for $1 each, and even grain-free options from Authority starting at $5 per 4lb bag.

Cats love eating various foods, but it’s important to provide dry food options.What’s more budget-friendly than kibble from Dollar General?

Kibbles is a type of dry cat food. The shape and size varies between brands, but typically, they’re hard pellets that make satisfying crunching noises when chewed by your feline friend.

Kibbles keep your cat’s teeth clean and shiny and its breath fresh!


2.   Cat treats

If you’re looking for the best available selection of treats that are low in calories, sodium, and fa, there’s no better place to buy than your local Dollar General. These stores have all the products you need with minimal hassle and unbeatable prices.

The options are seemingly endless at Dollar General.From fresh-caught fishy flavors like salmon and tuna to meaty morsels like chicken and duck. 

3.   Cat toys


Kitten playing with a toy

Your cat will love getting a new toy, especially if it can use it for the highly desirable yet elusive cat sport of chasing something. Besides, a good toy can provide a realistic enough stand-in to satisfy her hunting instincts.

For cat lovers on a budget, Dollar General is the place to go for cat toys since there are a lot of fun cat supplies. Dollar General boasts of cat toys such as:

Laser pointers 

 It would also be best if you always have laser pointers on hand. Even though they can sometimes seem smarter than us in their ability to navigate our homes, cats are still animals, and they all seem to think that moving red dots are prey. Your cats are guaranteed to love these, especially since you control them!


If you’re looking for Dollar General cat toys, consider buying a catnip. Catnip is generally safe for cats, and most of them go crazy for it.  

Catnip mice are also easy to keep your kitties occupied and happy. Some even come with little bells inside, which is great for providing entertainment for you and your cat; the sound of tiny bells jingling will fill your house with holiday cheer all year round!

In addition to the fun of catnip, cats prefer toys they can chase and bite, like toys on strings or balls with handles. 

The string is a simple way to get your pets playing around. Just make sure that you keep an eye on them while they’re using it so that they don’t eat it or get tangled up in it. 

4.   Cat litter



Cat litter comes in various forms at Dollar General, depending on whether your feline friend prefers clay, clumping, or non-clumping. And with 40 pounds of litter per bag and most brands costing only five bucks, you’ll be able to get your bang for your buck and then some.

A very popular brand of cat litter that is sold at Dollar General is Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter. This’ an odor eliminator. It will eliminate foul smells from your cat.

 There are various scents available. These include:

  • Fresh and Clean
  • Pure Nature with Glade Tough Odor Solutions Clear Springs
  • Pure Nature Unscented with Baking Soda
  • Scoop for Multiple Cats Instant Action.


5.   Kitty beds and pillows


kitty-beds-and-pillows-Dollar General-cat-supplies
A cute orange tabby kitten rests in his bed.

Your cat needs something to sleep in, and you’ve got two great options: soft pillows or a nice kitty bed. Dollar General has both of these. For less than $10, your cat can have a sleek little pillow with grey hair that’ll be super cozy. If you want to get fancy, there are also pet beds available.

Depending on the size of your cat, most pet beds at Dollar General cost between $8 and $15. They’re often made out of fuzzy material like fleece, which makes them extra comfortable for any furry friend who wants a place to rest their head after playing around all day!

You can’t go wrong with either option—your cat will love getting some shut-eye no matter what they’re sleeping on!

Dollar General Cat Supplies: The perfect place to get the treats your cat need

Whether you need food, toys, or treats, Dollar General has it all. Dollar General offers a wide range of cat supplies that suit your cat’s preferences. If you don’t see what you are looking for in-store, ask an associate about placing a special order with another vendor!

Dollar General is also a great place to pick up toys and treats for your favorite kitty. From softballs and plush mice to tasty treats and dental chews, there is something at Dollar General that your pet will love!

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