Wireless Remote Controlled Playful Toy Mouse


Wireless Remote Controlled Playful Toy Mouse
Wireless Remote Controlled Playful Toy Mouse
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Cats are not that active. They tend to sleep and just chill most of the time and very often do they play and have fun. So, when they play, we should always provide the best products for them so they can enjoy and really have the exercise that they need. This Wireless Remote-Controlled Toy Mouse can provide them all the fun that they deserve. It’s remote-controlled and easy to use which makes it the best. 

Remember though: Activity is one part; the right diet is the other. A study has shown that indoor cats have to be fed once per day.

Toy Mouse Benefits & Features 

✅ SUPERIOR QUALITY. The wheel of our remote-control mouse toy was made of rubber, durable, smoothly go forward and backward. 

Wireless Remote-controlled Toy Mouse 1

✅ FLEXIBLE DESIGN. With remote control for freely running control, easy and funny to use, the maximum remote-control distance is 10M. 

✅ HIGH SIMULATION. The remote-control mouse was made of plastic with flocking which like the realistic mouse, perfect prank prop for others. 

Wireless Remote-controlled Toy Mouse 2

✅ PERFECT TOY CHOICE. The best toy to interacts between owners and pets can also be used as children’s electronic toys. 

Toy Mouse Specifications 

Remote Control Size: 10cm x 5cm
Rat Dimension: 8cm x 7cm x 15cm
Color: Gray/Brown/Black/White/

Package Inclusions 

1x RC Mouse
1x Remote 


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