Purina Friskies Party Mix Adult Cat Treats

Treat Time = Ocean of Fun!

Make treat time an ocean of fun for your cat when you give her Purina Friskies Party Mix Beachside Crunch adult cat treats. Real ocean whitefish is the #1 ingredient in this mouthwatering recipe, and every bite delivers shrimp, crab and tuna flavors for the irresistible seafood taste cats love.

Each serving features a crunchy, satisfying texture that also helps keep her teeth clean. She gets the snacking experience she loves, and you get the happiness that comes from watching her playfully bat around each piece with her paws before she eats every morsel. These adult cat treats include appealing shapes that capture her attention, making snack time as exciting as it is delicious.

Give your cat a reason to purr when she sees you reach for a package of these Purina Friskies Party Mix treats, and show her just how much you love spending playful moments with her. Give your cat a tasty treat that delivers every time when you order Purina Friskies Party Mix Beachside Crunch adult cat treats.

This is what OUR CLIENTS have to say:

“Oh my God! My cat will not leave me alone anymore! These things are super dooper treats to her! She will do anything to get her mouth on these. Even letting me clip her nail, give her baths and a whole list of other things she used to fear.” – S. C.

“My friends kept telling me about fishy treats, so I thought I’d give these a try. The container says they’re for cats, but these aren’t that bad, especially with a little milk. They’re kinda like fish-flavored Grape Nuts.” – K.P.

“Well *I* don’t love it, because *I* don’t eat it. But my three kitties love this stuff!! Wanna train your cats to do tricks or behave? Use this. My cats turn their nose up at Temptations and won’t eat it, but THIS stuff… it’s Cat Crack. My kitties are addicted to these treats. They’d knock me down and confiscate the container if they could figure out how to open the screw top cap.,” – W.K.

“Keep these above the toilet for our cat after she goes to the bathroom. She is toilet trained thanks to these treats! She goes in the toilet and then comes and finds me and meows at the top of her kitty vocals, waiting for one or two of these treats.” – A.K.

“My cats love these treats, and since they are older (14 and 15) I use them to entice them to eat more or add a few calories. They will knock each other over just trying to get them. The dog loves them too, but they are quite small, since it’s for cats, so feeding by hand is difficult in larger dogs. This beats buying them in the smaller packets since we go through them pretty quick.” – S.C.

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Purina Friskies Party Mix Adult Cat Treats

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BrandPurina Friskies
FlavorBeachside Crunch
Item Weight20 Ounces
Item FormDry
Age Range DescriptionAll Life Stages

About this item

  • One (1) 20 oz. Pouch – Purina Friskies Made in USA Facilities Cat Treats, Party Mix Beachside Crunch
  • Real ocean whitefish is the #1 ingredient
  • With shrimp, crab and tuna flavors
  • Less than 2 calories per treat for guilt-free snacking
  • Crunchy texture helps clean her teeth


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