Purina Fancy Feast Limited Ingredient Cat Treats

Most Tender Cat Treats With Soft Texture

Give your cat the delicacy she expects in her cat snacks when you feed her Purina Fancy Feast Savory Cravings Beef & Crab Flavor cat treats.

These tender cat treats have a soft texture that’s easy to break apart, so it’s easy to break off a square as a reward during playtime or just to add a touch of something special to her day.

With eight break-apart squares in every bar, our Purina Fancy Feast Beef & Crab Flavor treats make it easy to share these treats with your cat whenever she wants them.

We craft our Fancy Feast Beef & Crab Flavor limited ingredient cat treats without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and use high-quality ingredients.

The convenient reclosable box is recyclable, and we produce our Fancy Feast Beef & Crab Flavor cat treats with quality assurance in mind in our Purina facilities.

Treat your deserving feline with Purina Fancy Feast treats for cats, and rest assured that each treat is made with high quality Purina ingredients.

This is what OUR CLIENTS have to say:

“Cats love it! I ordered a 10-pack which should have been 10 pouches containing 10 single packets each = 100 individual treats. I received a 5-pack instead. Contacted amazon, and the representative set things right for me. (They’re awesome people!)” – S. C.

“Both my cats are obsessed with these treats. The Fancy Feast Savory Cravings in Beef is highly recommended from my girls. Because it comes in a bar form, you get a lot of treats for you money with the Savory Cravings compaired to the other type of chicken, tuna and salmon treats which only come with 10 small pieces of meat. For the record my cats love the other type of treats too you just don’t get many treats for the price.” – K.P.

“These little flakes of treat come individually wrapped with one treat per foil pouch. I had a feral cat give birth to 4 kittens in my yard. I got these for giving her treats by hand. These are soooo good that she approached me and took from my hand, and eventually allowed me to touch her. She recognizes the packages and gets really happy. They are expensive for the amount of treat. but the packaging makes it very convenient to have a few in your pocket. HUGS everyone!” – W.K.

“Super hard to find these treats in store, and I’ve never seen a pack of all one flavor, only the variety pack. So glad I found these on here as it’s the only treats my senior cats will eat. It’s also easy on their stomachs, they haven’t thrown these up at all. They like these so much they will eat it out of my hand.” – A.K.

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Purina Fancy Feast Limited Ingredient Cat Treats

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BrandPurina Fancy Feast
Item FormSemi Moist
Breed RecommendationAll Breed Sizes
FlavorBeef & Crab
Specific Uses for ProductBehavior

About this item

  • One (1) 9 oz. Box – Purina Fancy Feast Limited Ingredient Cat Treats, Savory Cravings Beef & Crab Flavor
  • Tender texture formula cat treats with a texture cats adore
  • Fancy Feast treats feature enticing Beef & Crab Flavors
  • Break-apart treats enhance treating engagement and give you more time together with your cat
  • Tender cat treats from the brand you know and trust


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