PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Food or Water Station, Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder or Water Dispenser, Small, Medium, Large

Keep Your Pet Healthy and Hydrated

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Food and Water Stations are the first gravity food and water systems with a removable stainless steel bowl that is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The food station works great for weekend trips as well as everyday use for the busy pet parent.

This is what OUR CLIENTS have to say:

“I have been in search of an actual gravity feeder but nothing ever worked. I dont have to touch this feeder at all, the food just comes out. In comparison the one i got from walmart, you have to constantly tug at it so the food comes out. Def. would reccomend to others.” – S. C.

“My 70 and 80 pound girls were dripping trails of water all across my wood floors, (they’re very sloppy drinkers and gulpers), so I’d spend a lot of time every day cleaning up after them. Thanks to this product there’s only 1/4 of the water on the floor that there used to be, and most of that lands on the rubber backed runner I placed under the bowl. I no longer have to refill their water dish 5 times a day, I just fill the large 3 gallon jug in the morning and the water lasts all day long. The actual bowl area is smaller than their old water bowl, so they’re not able to stick their noses all the way in and gulp down water like little piggies, (which isn’t healthy for them), but both dogs are still able to drink from it at the same time. Oh, and so far there have been no leaks. I’m really happy I found this product.” – K.P.

“Anyone who has or has had a gravity feeder knows what a pain they can be. First no matter what you do (with cat food especially) you always have to go in and pull the food down every now & then. It is so annoying! This one is completely different. I have had mine for several weeks now and have not had to pull it down once. There are 2 reasons why. #1 it has a metal tray so the food slides down it instead of sticking to it. #2 the tray is tilted down more than the average one. Cat food is a little different than dog food. It is lighter than dog food and contains more fat which makes it stickier. This feeder has been amazing. I debated on trying the waterer but mine are all brats and will not drink out of anything except for a fountain. Cleaning this one is sooo easy. I like how you can put it in the dishwasher. The last one I tried that with melted.” – W.K.

“First my 2 cats and 1 dog LOVE the water station! I had a similar issue as some of the 1 stars. After a couple months the water would randomly stop flowing inspite of the reservoir being full. And the bowl would be dry. So instead of complaining on here and not doing anything about it I called PetSafe and informed Chuck ( the friendliest customer service rep EVER) about the issue. He immediately voiced his dismay at the malfunction and concerns for the well-being of my thirsty animals ( which he asked and then called by name). With in minutes he had mailed me a replacement lid. Bravo PetSafe!” – A.K.

“I had this product in a larger size but wanted a smaller size after one of my cats died. The only feeder I could find in the pet stores is all plastic and none of the product is dishwasher safe. I was relieved to find this smaller size of the product that I had earlier, and it has a dishwasher safe stainless steel water bowl. No contest. The newer products that I found were all plastic that looked cheap and none of which was dishwasher safe. I think that product was made by PetMate. I’m sticking with PetSafe!” – S.C.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Food or Water Station, Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder or Water Dispenser, Small, Medium, Large poshpetshq 6
PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Food or Water Station, Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder or Water Dispenser, Small, Medium, Large

  • Next Day Delivery
  • Free Shipment
  • Money Back Guarantee
ColorBlack & White
Item Dimensions LxWxH15.8 x 10.3 x 19 inches
Item Weight4 Pounds
  • Water capacity: Available in 64 ounce, 128 ounce or 320 ounce water capacities
  • Drink any time: This gravity water feeder allows you to keep your pet hydrated at all times of the day or night
  • Sturdy construction: The reservoir is made of durable BPA free plastic and locks in place to help prevent knock over and spills
  • Hygienic water bowl: The bowl is stainless steel and more hygienic for your pet
  • Easy to clean: Disassembles for easy cleaning; Stainless steel bowl is dishwasher safe
  • Product support: PetSafe brand’s U.S based customer care experts will be glad to help
  • Experience: PetSafe brand has been an industry leading U.S manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products since 1991, helping millions of people and pets each year


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