Pet Gear Comfortable Dog Stroller

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Pet Gear Comfortable Dog Stroller

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Do you have trouble with vet visits? Do you want to workout without tiring your pet? Do you want to spend more quality time with your canine?

A Dog Stroller can give you all this and even more. Let me explain.

Using a Dog Carrier like this, makes it much easier to offer a stress-free transport to the car or protect your pet form germs from other sick animals in the waiting room of a vet. You can also run or walk as fast as you like and continue your workout while your canine gets a breeze and a rest in the pet carrier.

An accessory like this gives you the chance to give your pet a safe place from crowds and bugs during festivities, such as shows, picnics, festivals and other outdoor events. Not to mention the case when you have a big and a small pet at the same time, where you give your power pooch a good long walk without tiring out the smaller one by using a Dog Stroller.

Now you can take your best friend to more places than a leash. With more workplaces, stores and restaurants becoming pet-friendly, a responsible pet owner with her dog stroller will always be welcome.

Pet Gear Comfortable Dog Stroller 2

Dog Stroller Features

  • Easy-locking No-Zip entry; no struggling with zippers!
  • Panoramic view window with 3 position canopy
  • Large 6″ wheels for easier strolling. Max. Capacity: 25 lbs
  • Front shock absorbers and convenient parent tray / cup holders
  • Please scroll below and read “From the Manufacturer” for exciting features.


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