Natural Farm Odor Free Bully Sticks, 100% Beef Chews

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Natural Farm Odor Free Bully Sticks, 100% Beef Chews - Made & Packaged at Our Own Food-Grade Facility - Fully Digestible High Protein, Low Fat Dental Treats Main
Natural Farm Odor Free Bully Sticks, 100% Beef Chews

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  • MADE BY NATURAL FARM in three simple steps: fresh from the farm grass-fed beef, delivered to our food-grade facility, cleaned with pure water (only), slow oven-baked to preserve nutrients and packaged in the same location. That’s it! Simple transparency and quality that others can’t claim.
  • ALL NATURAL, WE MEANT IT! Unlike others who source everywhere, we can guarantee you that absolutely nothing goes into our bully sticks other than the 100% all-natural beef. Our promise to you: Grain-free, Hormone-free, Chemical-free. We care about your four-legged family member’s health and safety.
  • DENTAL CARE: Like beef tendon or pig ears, our bully sticks also help stimulate jaw muscles when chewing and help remove harmful plaque buildup for cleaner teeth and fresher breath.
  • COMPLETE PET-FRIENDLY PACK: This bag comes with 20 total Premium 6-inch long Bully Sticks that can be used for behavior training, positive rewards, or keeping dogs calm, focused, and stimulated at home or while traveling for hours.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you feel like this is not the right chew for your four-legged friend or if there is anything that does not meet your standards, please contact us and we will quickly issue a refund or a replacement. We also have other amazing products for your buddy such as 12-inch, 7-inch, extra thin, standard or Jumbo bully sticks, bones, cow ribs, etc.


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