Metrovac Air Force Commander 2 Speed Pet Dryer – Best dog dryer for Poodles

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This is what OUR clients have to say:

“Sturdy, well built, and really sucks! (LOL). I have double coated alaskan malamutes and this dryer works great on their thick coats. ” – C.T.

“I wanted a “real dryer” for my dogs for years. I finally bought this one, and my only real complaint is that I waited for so long..” – T.B.

“Very powerful, great to blow dry for our golden retriever.” – R.K.

“I don’t see how this product can get anything less than 5 stars. This Dryer cuts down the dog bathing sessions by 70%.” – H.G.

“I have used the dryer for more than two years. It works great.” – F.C.


Metrovac Air Force Commander
Metrovac Air Force Commander 2 Speed Pet Dryer – Best dog dryer for Poodles
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Whether grooming is your career or a way to bond with your pet, now you can style in style with the Metrovac Air Force Commander 2 Speed Pet Dryer, also known as the Best dog dryer for Poodles.

Metrovac Air Force Commander 2 Speed Pet Dryer Features:

  • Introducing the new MetroVac Air Force Commander 2 Speed Pet Dryer colors.
  • The same all steel, American made pet dryer our customers have relied on for 30 years has bold new looks.
  • Choose from pink, purple, green, blue or the original orange color.
  • 2-Speed control allows you to groom large or small breeds.
  • Ideal for grooming professionals or pet owners.
  • Perfect for long hair or short hair and powerful enough for drying heavy coated breeds.
  • No other compact Pet Dryer combines all these features: air flow control, concentrator, flare tool, a groomer rake, easy change filter and more.
  • A floor or table dryer. So powerful yet lightweight and portable making pet grooming easy for you and your dog and/or cat.
  • Dual mounted legs allow the Pet Dryer to be used vertically or horizontally.
  • The Pet Blowers cut drying time by two thirds and will dry dog hair without drying their coats.


Did you also know that Pet Grooming can transform lives?

Pet Grooming is very important when it comes to adopting pets, but not only; there are many benefits to grooming your pet, as brushing not only keeps your pet tidy, especially your dog’s fur, it also helps to form a bond. Therefore Pet Grooming is a very vital and important part in the lifes’ of the pet and its owner.

Each pet, especially dogs, has its own grooming needs depending on its’ fur type, density, texture and length and this has to be taken into account too. Keep in mind that proper pet grooming is more than just aesthetics; it’s essential for the health and wellness of our beloved furry friends. That is because grooming supplies a chance to recognize parasites like fleas, fleas, bumps and skin ailments and eliminate debris, burrs or bud seeds in the jacket.


Want to find more about Pet Grooming? Check out these tips about the 7 Dos and Don’ts of Home Pet Grooming and Hygiene.

How about checking out a variable speed model? Here is our Metrovac Air Force Commander Variable Speed Pet Dryer.

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