Mason Company Ultra Lift Big Dog Electric Grooming Table – 450 lb. lift capacity


Ultra Lift Big Dog Electric Grooming Table
Mason Company Ultra Lift Big Dog Electric Grooming Table – 450 lb. lift capacity


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Please note: The estimated lead time for these tables is 10-12 weeks.

This is what OUR clients have to say:

“I have saved hundreds of dollars after purchasing this table! I can now easily groom my dogs at home.” – J.K.

“This table took grooming to another level for me.” – S.W.

“Just used this table in the past week since it arrived and I’m very happy with it.” – S.E.

“This grooming table is exactly what I expected.” – F.W.

“I have been in the grooming business for about two years now and I have no idea how I have managed without this table.” – J.M.

With the largest tabletop of all models, the electric Big Dog™ table has a unique double-cantilever lift system and bronze bushings, providing tremendous stability and durability and up to 450 pounds of lifting capacity. It is a versatile system with options to help with aggressive dogs. The frame is available in both the standard model that elevates from 16″ to 40″ or the modified model that elevates from 13″ x 37″ based on customer height. Custom colors available.

  • Quiet and smooth electric-drive system
  • 450 lb. lift capacity
  • Oil-impregnated self-lubricating bronze bushings
  • Powder-coated steel tube frame
  • Dual cantilever system for extreme stability
  • Construction-grade wood top, secured with bolts and tee-nuts
  • Durable pebble-finish mat surface
  • 24″ x 48” table top
  • Elevates from 16″ to 40” (or 13″ x 37″ modified) in approximately 10 seconds
  • Made in the USA

Available Accessories

  • Metal drawer
  • Mounted adjustable arm
  • The Pet Sitter
  • 4-Lead Bolt-On Telescoping Grooming Arm
  • 100 lb. Dual-Wheel Locking Caster (set of 4)
  • Rotating Table Top
  • Extra Foot Switch

The frame is also available with a smaller 24″ x 44″ table with a built-in grooming post and metal drawer mounted under the tabletop. With this model, the lift capacity is up to 300 pounds. The stainless steel flip-top grooming post has six lock positions and is adjustable in and out, as well as up and down.


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