Macrame Material Adorable Cat Swing Bed


Macrame Material Adorable Cat Swing Bed
Macrame Material Adorable Cat Swing Bed


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Has it been too long that you haven’t bought anything for your kitten? No matter where your kitty finds itself based on the “Feline Five” behaviors, it’s high time you get them a gift and more specifically. Introducing our macrame cat swing bed, a one of a kind pussycat cradle meticulously designed for your lovely feline friend! This is an enchanting place for your kitty to relax. Made of woven heavy-duty cotton rope and 2cm-die hard solid beechwood stick, very safe and sturdy. It also makes for an elegant and stylish addition to your home.

Macrame Material Adorable Cat Swing Bed


Cat Swing Bed Details:

– Size: Approximately 40cm x 160cm
– Material: 100% Organic Cotton
– *Cushion not Included*


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