Hartz Delectables Bisque Lickable Wet Cat Treats for Adult & Senior Cats, 12 Pack, Multiple Flavors

Cats Lick the Bowl Clean

As the first gourmet wet cat treat, Delectables serves up up tender chicken & fish entangled in delicious sauces. The tasty wet texture with nutritious and flavorful ingredients will have your kitty giving four paws up!

Treat Your Cat the Best with Delectables Lickable Treats

Purr-Worthy Kitty Bonding

Your cat will love you back when you treat them with Delectables Lickable Treats.

Breadth of Textures & Flavors

With a wide variety of both textures & flavors, Delectables Lickable Treats will have even the most finicky eaters licking the bowl clean.

Nutritional Benefits

Lickable Treats provide hydration benefits that you simply can’t get from dry treats. Delectables are also free of grain, fillers, preservatives, and by-products.

Senior Cat Nutrition

With small wet flakes that are easy to enjoy, our senior formulas are specially formulated to support Senior Cat Nutrition with added vitamins and nutrients for cats 10 years+ and 15 years+.

This is what OUR CLIENTS have to say:

“A year ago our 18 year mainecoon was wasting away and seemed like she wouldn’t be with us much longer. We tried wet foods and she wasn’t interested. Then we discovered bisque! She is now 19 and doing much better now. We give her two bisque packets a day as well as her regular food. It’s the hilight of her day and she will yell at everyone when she thinks it’s time for bisque. Highly recommended!” – S. C.

“My Timmy is a very picky eater. He has a sensitive digestive system and needs to stay hydrated. But he is extremely finicky with canned food. A friend I cat sit for gave me a couple packets of these. I’ve never seen Timmy go so nuts over any food! The plate couldn’t have been any cleaner if it had gone through the dishwasher!” – K.P.

“I am absolutely amazed my 15week kitten hates this! I used to work at a kennel, and the kitties there ate this right up when I’d bring in a box for them on payday (I’m a sucker lol) my previous kitty, a Maine coon named kiki, absolutely could not get enough of this. I know it’s essentially kitten junk food, so maybe that’s why. He eats BB wilderness hard and soft, so maybe he doesn’t like something different. I will still give him a teaspoon in the morning until its gone, he takes a few mouthfuls at least.” – W.K.

“I have the pickiest little 7 lb Himalayan cat. She’s only ever eaten dry food and dry treats. Now that she’s older, I like giving her a treat that’s easier on her teeth. This is the ONLY liquid treat/food that she will eat. I’ve tried almost every can in the store and this is what she loves most. I wish they made a more nutritious variety so it could replace her dry food. She stalks me and meows at me if I miss a feeding.” – A.K.

Hartz Delectables Bisque Lickable Wet Cat Treats for Adult & Senior Cats, 12 Pack, Multiple Flavors poshpetshq 6
Hartz Delectables Bisque Lickable Wet Cat Treats for Adult & Senior Cats, 12 Pack, Multiple Flavors

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FlavorTuna & Chicken
Item Weight0.1 Pounds
Item FormWet
Age Range DescriptionAdult

About this item

  • Combines Tender Chicken And Succulent Tuna Delectably Blended Into A Smooth And Satisfying Sauce For A Lickable Treat So Delicious Cats Lick The Bowl Clean
  • Includes 12, 1.4 Ounce Single Serve Pouches
  • Delicious Wet Texture Allows Your Cat To Enjoy Fish, Meat And Juices Together, Rather Than Only Being Able To Lick The Sauce While Having To Leave The Meat Behind
  • To Serve, Hold Pouch At Top Edges With Both Hands And Shake Gently. Then, Tear Pouch Open And Squeeze The Sides To Widen The Opening. Pour The Treat Into Your Cat`S Dish And Watch It Disappear!
  • Your Frisky Feline Will Love Trying All Our Lip Smacking Varieties: Stew, Bisque, And Chowder, Which Include Items For Kittens And Senior Cats (10 Years+ And 15 Years+)


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