Funny Snuffle Bowl Pet Mat


Snuffle Bowl Pet Mat 3
Funny Snuffle Bowl Pet Mat
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Are your canines very fond of biting furniture and making you feel tired? Let’s use our Snuffle Bowl Pet Mat and stop this!

As it has been observed, nosework makes a dog happier than ever.  It is an activity that allows your dog to use their natural desire to hunt. It harnesses a dog’s unique ability to detect the scent and determine the source.

You can hide the treats or small toy in the snuffle mat, and let your dogs find it out, it helps to train your dog’s sense of smell, drain your dog’s energy and lose weight.

Keep your dog occupied in a great way for a dog who has tons of energy to use their brain during their dinner time, it can wear them out just as much as a walk, this will relieve the dog naughty.

You can also use it as a round bowl or it can be spread flat to turn into a circular Snuffle Bowl Pet Mat, use its drawstring closure to close it all up into a round poof that can fit easily into a tote bag. It is also machine washable.

Snuffle Bowl Pet Mat 6

Snuffle Bowl Pet Mat Features

  • ❤ Slow Down: This toy imitates the grass. The dog finds food through the sense of smell, slows down the feeding speed, and has no time to destroy the house while eating.
  • ❤ Health: The slow dog snuffle rug is made of high-quality fabric, durable and dog-friendly, and more durable than most dog toys.
  • ❤ Anti-slip: The bottom of the snuff rug for dogs has a reinforced anti-slip design that is more stable.
  • ❤Easy to clean: puzzles for dogs It is very easy to wash. Just throw the dog puzzle toy into the washing machine and wash it separately.
  • ❤ Easy to Storage: nosework for dogs lanyard storage design, easy to hang up and carry, suitable for canine indoor and outdoor activities.


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