Farnam Equine Dewormers

Farnam Equine Dewormers 7
Farnam Equine Dewormers

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  • When fed daily, the medicated pellets provide continuous protection against over 31 of the most common species of equine parasites, including large & small strongyles, ascraids, and pinworms
  • A daily deworming schedule can be extra beneficial for barn or stable horses, racing horses, professional performance horses, or any horse that is kept in stalls or close quarter spaces
  • Palatable, easy to feed pellet formula. Great for those horses who don’t like paste or liquid dewormers!
  • Approved for horses of all ages, including foals, broodmares at any stage of pregnancy or lactation, and breeding stallions. Stallion fertility is not affected by the use of Pyrantel Tartrate 2. 11%.
  • Contains double strength Pyrantel Tartrate (2. 11%). See product label for directions for use.


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