Bushwhacker Luxurious Dog Car Barrier 50″ Wide

Bushwhacker Luxurious Dog Car Barrier 50
Bushwhacker Luxurious Dog Car Barrier 50″ Wide

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Do you want your pet to go wherever you can go? Do you want to be safe, as well as your pet?

This Car Pet Gate makes it possible to go with your best friend wherever you want to, whenever you want to hassle free. Here is why.

Studies have shown that if you have a 10-pound dog in the car and you’re traveling 50 mph, that tiny canine could exert a crushing 500 pounds of force on you or someone else in the vehicle if you crash. Not to mention tragic incidents that have happened when there was an unrestrained pet in the vehicle.

A nationwide survey showed that 9 out of 10 Americans have driven a vehicle with their pet in. 1 out of 10 gave food or treats during the drive.

Therefore, a restraint system, such as this Car Dog Guard makes a great choice for pooches who seek the attention of the driver or can’t resist jumping into the front seat when they’re not supposed to.

Bear in mind that with the help of a restraint system, you prohibit pet movement in the crash, while at the same time you avoid the seatbelts that have proven deadly many times in the past for pets.

This Dog Car Barrier is important for short trips too, as usually most avvidents happen close to home.

Bushwhacker Luxurious Dog Car Barrier 50" Wide 1

Dog Car Barrier Features:

  • Obstructor is made with scratch and tear resistant pet screen. All mesh design allows rear AC/heater vents to flow throughit.
  • Half inch light weight metal tubing maintains obstructors’ shape and prevents dogs from squeezing over, under, or around the Dog Car Barrier.
  • Attaches to front seat headrest and either the seat belt mount or around car seat frame.
  • Dimensions: 50 inches wide tapering to 42″ at the top. Ideal for mid-sized sedans, small trucks and small SUV’s. Not large enough consider our 56 inch model.
  • Refer to last image for detailed dimensions. To determine if it will fit measure the width of your vehicles interior just below the headrests. If the width is more then 50 inches it will fit. Refer to image for complete dimensions.


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