Amc Pet-temp™ Instant Animal Ear Thermometer


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“I have used this thermometer on my Lab several times in the past weekend since it arrived right on time as promised.” – S.M.

“I’ve only had this item for a few days, and I feel it has already paid for itself.” – C.T.

“Easy to use and helpful to monitor my pet.” – L.R.

“This works great. Very easy to use. My dogs are used to having their ears handled and weren’t bothered by the beep at all.” – E.R.

“comfortable for my dog, and I love how fast it gives the temp. Would highly recommend!” – G.D.


Pet-Temp Ear Thermometer
Amc Pet-temp™ Instant Animal Ear Thermometer


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The Pet-Temp® Instant Ear Thermometer is used by pet owners and veterinarians worldwide to quickly, easily and accurately monitor the health of pets. The Pet-Temp works by measuring heat waves from the eardrum region, which has been shown to be a “core” temperature in both humans and animals.

This innovative thermometer works on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits, ferrets and most companion animals. The normal ear temperature of most animals is typically between 100.0 ºand 102.0ºF (37.8 º and 39.4ºC).


  • Starter pack of 20 Lens Covers & Dispenser
  • Built-in lithium battery & storage pouch
  • Clamshell package with peg hole


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