A&E Cage Company Economy Dometop Bird Cage For Cockatiels, Parakeets etc.

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This is what OUR clients have to say:

“After having this cage for quite some time, I can attest that my society finches adore this cage.” – S.F.

” This is a great home for cockateils/multiple cockateils/Quakers/multiple parakeets etc.” – C.N.

“We absolutely LOVE this flight cage for our pair of Bourke’s parakeets.” – L.J.

“I love this cage it perfect for me and my budgies.” – E.O.

“I’ve wanted a flight cage for my cockatiel for a very long time and this cage is just great.” – G.E.


Economy Dome Top Cage platinum - white
A&E Cage Company Economy Dometop Bird Cage For Cockatiels, Parakeets etc.
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Like all pets, birds also require nutritious and breed-appropriate nutrition, lots of care, and a good home they can feel safe and comfortable. If dogs have kennels and cats have kitty homes, birds rightfully have birdcages to make them feel right at home. As such, choosing the right cage for these feathery pets is essential to ensuring their optimum wellbeing.

This Economy Dometop Bird Cage has an open top feature which allows your bird come and go freely or can be used as a play stand by using the perch provided. This bird cage also comes with a removable stand with built in storage shelf.


Technical Details

  • Exterior Dimensions: 20″x20″x58″
  • Interior Height: 30″
  • Bar Spacing: 2/3″
  • Bar Gauge: 2.5 mm

Product Features

  • Bird cage top opens into play top
  • Horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back
  • Front door safety latch
  • 2 swing out feeder doors
  • 2 feeder cups & 1 perch
  • Large front door for easy access
  • Slide-out grill & tray for easy cleaning
  • 4 easy rolling casters and storage shelf
  • Bird cage knocks down for compact storage
  • Non-toxic, durable, and safe powder coated finish

Best suited for these breeds:

  • Lovebirds
  • Cockatiels
  • Parakeets
  • Conures
  • Lorries


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