Used Dog Crate Furniture – 5 Critical Tips To Consider Before Buying

When traveling, it’s sensible to bring your furry friends along. But how do you contain them? That’s when dog crates can be handy.
But, a brand new dog cage can cost an arm and leg. That’s why we recommend used dog crate furniture.
In this post, you’ll discover tips and more reasons to invest in used dog crate furniture. But first, what are the different types of dog crates?

Types of Dog Crates?

Dog crates come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Here are the most common types of dog crates.

#1. Soft-Sided (fabric) Dog Crates

As the name suggests, soft-sided crates have walls made of a soft mesh material. Since they’re portable and light, they’re perfect for traveling.
These cages seem to be the most comfortable for your dog. Besides, they fold down for easy storing.
However, it can be challenging to clean soft-sided dog crates. This means they aren’t the best if your dog is not potty trained yet.

#2. Plastic Dog Crates


Plastic dog crates are more sturdy than soft-sided dog crates. They are easy to clean, lightweight, and durable.
The crown of the jewel is that they can help keep reactive dogs calm and quiet because the dog can only see from one side.
On the downside, plastic dog crates don’t fold for storage and accumulates smells. After using them for a while, they can have a permanent dog smell.

#3. Metal or Wire Crates for Dogs


If your dog likes to chew, consider getting them a metal dog crate. It’s almost impossible for them to destroy this type of crate.
Besides, metal dog crates are well ventilated and provide greater visibility. This is ideal for dogs that don’t like confinement.
Lastly, they are easy to clean and unlike plastic dog cages, they don’t absorb any odours.
Even so, metal dog crates rust over time. Another drawback is that they are not for reactive dogs because of their high visibility.

#4. Furniture/Wooden Dog Crates

These are dog crates crafted from wood. They have a myriad of benefits that include:
  • Doubles as furniture: You can use them as a shelf or book table saving on space.
  • Matches decor: They blend with the rest of the decor.
  • Variety: There is a wide variety of furniture dog crates designs to choose from.
However, furniture is unideal for dogs that like to chew on wood and can be expensive. That’s why we recommend used dog crate furniture.

Must-Know Tips for Buying Used Dog Crate Furniture

There are plenty of dog crate furniture options out there. So, how do you choose the best? Here are some things to keep in mind:

#1. Crate Size Matters

There’s no one size fit all crate size. If it’s too small, it will restrict your dog’s movement making it feel uncomfortable.
Your dog should sleep, turn around, and stand in the cage without discomfort. Large-sized dog crates are also not ideal.
They encourage unwanted behavior such as pooing in the crate. So, choose a crate that matches the size of your dog.

#2. Your Dogs Behaviour and Temperament

Certain dog crates may be ideal for your dog depending on their behavior and temperament. For instance, if your dog likes to gnaw on surfaces when bored or anxious, consider a steel gauge dog crate.
What if your dog decides to chew on the wires? In this case, plastic dog crates or used dog crate furniture are ideal.

#3. Ensure the crate is Portable

Portable crates are a safe way of transporting your dog. Besides, they allow you to move your dog across different rooms so that they’re always by your side.

#4. Safety of Your Dog

It’s important to have a safe haven, for your canine friends. A comfortable dog crate will keep your dog from mischief. It will also give you peace of mind when you’re away.

#5. Identify the Best Location for the Crate

Even before crate training, you need to identify the best location for your used dog crate. Dogs are social animals that enjoy staying close to their owners.
Place it where your family spends most of their time or where they can see all the activities in your household. It will make him feel like a family member.

FAQ About Used Dog Crates Furniture

Here are some frequently asked questions about used dog crates furniture.

1. How do you clean a used dog crate furniture?

Just like you, dogs love a tidy house. However, it can be challenging to keep your used dog crate furniture clean. Here’s how you can clean it.
  • Remove all your dogs feeding bowls, bedding, and toys.
  • Take the cage outside or use a bathtub with an old towel.
  • Use disinfectant products.
  • Rinse and dry thoroughly.

2. Should I put a dog bed in used dog crate furniture?

Your used dog crate furniture should always have a dog bed. Benefits of a dog bed include:
  • Keeps your dog warm.
  • Gives your dog relief from the pain associated with health issues such as arthritis.
  • Prevents calluses.

3. Can I donate used dog crate furniture?

Yes. You can donate used dog crate furniture. If you looking for where to donate, consider:
  • Shelters
  • Rescues
  • Vet clinics
  • Thrift stores

Conclusion on Used Dog Create Furniture

Clearly, used dog crates have plenty of benefits. They make dogs know that they have their own territory. Most of all, they keep your dog safe when you’re not able to supervise it. 
Now that you understand the importance of dog crates, don’t hesitate on purchasing one for your canine friends. Remember to go through our tips before sending the payment. 
Thank you for keeping it here. Have you read our article on what to do when your puppy hates the crate?

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