Can You Feed Cat Food to Dogs? 4 Creative Ways to Make Your Dog Eat Its Food

can you feed cat food to dogs


Can you feed cat foods to dogs
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You might have caught your dog sneaking a bite from his feline friend’s bowl. But, can you feed cat food to dogs?  We’ll find out in a bit.

In this post, we dive deep and wide to answer the question, can you feed cat food to dogs? But first, let’s walk you through the nutrition requirements of your favorite pets.

Cats and Dogs Nutrition Requirements

Cats are carnivores and natural hunters. They need meat and proteins for proper growth and development. 

This is the main reason cat food has a high concentration of proteins. However, cats also need small amounts of carbohydrates and fats.

On the other hand, dogs are omnivores. They feed on both plant-based food and meat and can survive without meat for long. The key thing in their diet is carbohydrates with little amounts of fats and little proteins.

This brings us back to our topic today. Can you feed cat food to dogs? Your dog might forsake his food because cat food appears tastier to them. The higher amounts of fats and proteins in cat food appeal to dogs as they are accustomed to lower quantities.

Why Cat Food is Bad for Your Dog

You can feed cat food to dogs. However, discourage your dog from nibbling his feline friend’s food. It can be dangerous and life-threatening for your dog when it becomes a habit.

Remember, cat food has a high concentration of proteins. The continuous consumption of the excess protein stresses the dog’s kidneys and pancreas, leading to complications. Once a dog develops health complications, it becomes an extra expense

In addition, the high amounts of fat in cat food can also lead to obesity in dogs since your dog will be consuming more calories than what their body needs. So keep cat food as far away from your dog as possible.

Occasions When Cat Food Is Good for Dogs

Can you feed cat food ro dogs

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Although you shouldn’t feed your dog cat food, there are times when it does more good than harm. These occasions include: 

  • When your dog is sick. For instance, if your dog has cancer, the higher protein percentage in the cat food helps in tissue repair. In addition, protein gives your dog energy.
  • When your dog has no appetite. Because cat food smells and tastes better, try enticing your dog with some of it.
  • In an emergency. You can run out of dog food, yet the store is closed. Don’t let your dog sleep hungry. Give him some cat food to get him through the night. However, get him his food as soon as possible. 


If you were asking, ‘’can you feed cat food to dogs?’’ you now know when to. In these three scenarios, opt for wet cat food. Dry cat food such as biscuits might damage your dog’s teeth as they are specifically designed for the sharper teeth of cats.


Can My Cat Eat Dog Food?

For cats, dog food is even more dangerous. It has a significantly lower protein amount than what their bodies need. Worse, dog food has little to no taurine. Taurine is an essential nutrient in cat food used to maintain a healthy pregnancy, good fetal development, good vision, and ensure the heart’s proper functioning.

Unlike dogs, cats can’t produce their taurine. They rely on their food to get it.

Here’s what happens to a cat that lacks taurine:

  • Their heart weakens
  • They develop vision and digestion problems
  • Your cat can go blind

The best solution is for each pet to stick to its food and meal plan. This way, you can be assured that they’ll both be healthy. Healthy pets are happy pets, isn’t it?

How To Keep Your Dog From Eating Cat Food

Can you feed dogs cat food

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If you were ignorantly feeding your dog cat food, you now know better. However, your dog might not be happy with going back to his food because it involves leaving behind a much tastier delicacy. For them, this is a bit like switching from McDonald’s to eating homemade meals. 

If your dog refuses to eat his food in a protest, here are 4 ways to entice him back to his food.

1. Feed your dog and cat apart

If you’ve been feeding your dog and cat together, it’s time to make some changes. You can either place their feeding bowls on opposite sides of the room or feed them in different rooms. 

This way, your dog will focus on its bowl!

2. Keep cat food out of reach

Out of sight, out of mind. When you place the cat food on a higher surface where your dog can’t reach, he’s likely to forget about it.

We recommend feeding your cat higher up on their cat tree. Cats are very flexible and won’t have difficulty reaching their meal. This way, you can be assured that your dog has zero access to the cat food.

3. Practice some tough love

When your dog continuously refuses to eat his food, it’s time to say no to those puppy eyes and limit the treats. Treats make his food appear dull and less tasty.

When you limit treats, your dog will be hungry by feeding time and obliged to eat their food.v

4. Warm your dog’s food

It’s time to bring out the big guns. Warming your dog’s food makes it smell good and appetizing.  He’ll forget about the cat food and snack down his meal in no time.

Final Thoughts On Can You Feed Cat Food to Dogs?

As a pet owner, your pet’s well-being rests in your hands. Be observant and monitor their feeding patterns. By letting each pet stick to their meal plan, you’re actively looking out for their health and well-being.

Use these four tips highlighted above and ensure that your dog doesn’t go around eating cat food. We hope we have answered the question, ‘’can you feed cat food to dogs?”

Best of luck!.

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