Best Doggy Door For Patio Slider

The search for the Best Doggy Door For Patio Slider

Sliding door dog doors have become increasingly popular among pet owners who want to grant their dog the liberty to come back and go without making permanent modifications to their home. Sometimes, a sliding glass door is that the only place in your home where you’ll install a pet door. The tool-free installation makes the method quick and straightforward so your dog can get straight to using their new door. But not all sliding dog doors are the same, thus making the quest for the Best Doggy Door For Patio Slider more exciting.
PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel

What styles of sliding pet doors are there?

Here are two different sliding pet door styles for your home:

Patio Panel Sliding Pet Door: A patio panel pet door is an insert with a preinstalled pet door that takes up space in your door track. They install in a matter of minutes and are an excellent option for a non-permanent installation. There are both aluminum and vinyl frame panels available to match your existing slider.

“In the Glass” Sliding Pet Door: For a permanent option that mates along with your existing door lock, the “In the Glass” pet door replaces a whole slider from your door with a brand-new one that has an Endura Flap pet door preinstalled.

How difficult is it to install a pet door?

Some pet doors are easier to put in than others are. Some may be installed in a very couple of minutes with no tools or any skills to talk of, while other require copious amounts of both.

In the case of door- or wall-mounted units, you’ll have to cut a hole through the door or wall, then assemble the door and affix it appropriately.

For many owners, an expert will have to be hired for the installation (if this can be your first time cutting a hole in your house, we wouldn’t recommend having at it alone)!

On the opposite hand, sliding-door-mounted pet doors are relatively quick and straightforward to put in, and few tools (if any) are needed for the method.


What about insulation?

It is important to recollect that your pet door will function how for the air in your home to intermingle with the external environment.

Even when the door is within the closed position, a skinny piece of aluminum or plastic won’t insulate your home yet as a door or wall will. This can be especially important for owners living in extremely warm or cold climates.

Some pet doors try and form up for this fact by including two or three doors or flaps, instead of one. This helps to trap air inside the door cavity, which can insulate the door. Still, if energy efficiency is vital to you, it’s worth considering how a pet door will affect the heating or cooling of your home.


What are the best available Doggy Doors For Patio Slider?

Here are the top-3 available Doggy Doors For Patio Slider:

1) PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel

The PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door gives your pet the freedom to go in and out on their own time. Let your pet choose when it’s bathroom time or time to play, so you and your pet can live happy together. From critter watching to search and sniff missions, your pet has a lot of jobs to do outside. The PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door allows dogs and cats to go in and out on their own. This easily installs into most sliding door tracks, with no cutting into walls or doors, making it perfect for renters. It’s built of weather-resistant aluminum, shatter-resistant tempered glass, and has a magnetic closure to help keep cold and hot weather out. When it’s time for your pet to come inside and cuddle up, the slide-in closing panel helps keep them inside with their humans. The patio panel door comes in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your pet and home.

  • QUICK INSTALLATION: Simple do-it-yourself project without cutting into walls or doors; patio panel adjusts from 75 7/8 inches to 80 11/16 inches to fit your door frame
  • VARIETY OF SIZES AND COLORS: Use the sizing chart to find the perfect size door for your best friend; door is available in 3 color options
  • PERFECT FOR RENTERS: Sliding glass door insert is perfect for apartments because the door is detachable so you can easily move it with you
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: In addition to the slide-in closing panel, the tinted, flexible flap uses a magnetic closure to keep the outside heat and cold out of your home
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Made to withstand heavy use, the door is built with weather-resistant aluminum and shatter-resistant tempered glass
  • DESIGNED FOR EXTRA LARGE PETS: Flap opening is 13 ¾ in W x 23 ¾ in H and is designed for pets up to 220 pounds
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: PetSafe brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years; we help pets and their people live happy together

2) PetSafe Sliding Glass Cat and Dog Door Insert

From now on, let us get the door. The PetSafe Sliding Glass Pet Door, 2-Piece is perfect for rentals, condos and apartments. This detachable panel automatically adjusts to fit into your existing sliding door tracks with no cutting, meaning you can take it with you when you and your furry friend move. The latch kit enables your sliding glass door to lock, and the slide-in closing panel adds another level of security when your pet isn’t using the door. Built to withstand heavy use, the door has an aluminum frame and tempered glass and comes with a 1-year warranty. PetSafe brand is here to help you and your pet LIVE HAPPY TOGETHER.

  • PERFECT FOR RENTALS AND APARTMENTS: This rental-friendly door is easy to install and detach using removeable adhesive strips so you can easily take it with you when you and your furry friend move
  • EASY INSTALLATION IN 2 PIECES: Automatically adjusts to fit into your existing sliding door tracks with no cutting; easily installs in most left or right sided sliding glass door frames up to 80 11/16 in tall
  • ADDED LOCKING SECURITY: The latch kit enables your sliding glass door to lock, and the slide-in closing panel adds another level of security when your pet isn’t using the door
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: The door has weather stripping and a tinted flap with magnetic closure to keep the heat and cold outside
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Built to withstand heavy use, the door has an aluminum frame and tempered glass; 1 year warranty
  • DESIGNED FOR SMALL PETS: Flap opening is 5 1/4 W x 8 3/16 in H for pets up to 15 lb
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: PetSafe brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years; we help pets and their people live happy together

3) Ideal Pet Products VIP Vinyl Insulated Pet Patio Door

Specially designed to fit your vinyl sliding patio door. The vinyl insulated patio pet door features the energy efficient double wall lexan multi-flex flap. Note: If the sliding door portion of your vinyl patio door is not plumb with the Vinyl Pet Door Panel, you may need to adjust the bottom rollers on the sliding vinyl patio door. How to Measure Your Ideal Pet -To determine the correct size door simply measure the width (A) and height (B) of your pet. (A) Measure the widest point of your pets shoulder. (B) Measure from the top of your pets back (just behind his head) to the bottom of chest.

  • Designed specifically for VINYL Sliding Patio Doors Only. Fits 1 ½” -1 ¾” VINYL Sliding Patio Door track.
  • Adjustable Height: 76-3/4″ To 78-1/2″ (78″). To ensure ordering correct height, measure flush at top track to the inside bottom track of your VINYL Sliding Patio Door frame.
  • White VINYL frame features DUAL PANE tempered “low e” glass. CLEANING THE FLAP – Use a clean rag and fresh water to remove any dirt and grime that may accumulate on the flap panel surface. DO NOT USE strong detergents, pine or lemon oil or any type of solvents as these will permanently damage the flap panels and flexible hinges. LEXAN is a trademark of SABIC Innovative Plastics IP BV
  • Medium size 6-5/8” x 11-1/4″ flexible 3-part Double Wall LEXAN flap.
  • Need Assistance? E-mail Ideal Pet Products expert US-based customer care specialists seven days a week! Manufacturer Warranty does not apply to product purchased through Amazon Warehouse Deals or any used product sellers.

Some things to take also into consideration:

Q. How does a sliding glass door pet door work?

A typical dog door for door could be a glass panel with a built-in pet door that sits within the track of your sliding glass door. The slider of your existing door will slide into the stationary patio panel inserted within the track, instead of sliding against the sting of the door frame. Some customers have also used thinner models of patio panels in their door tracks. While this can be a good option for ventilation, confine mind that a lot of screen tracks don’t seem to be as wide because the panel or do not have track walls to stabilize the panel. If you’d sort of dog door for a screen, we recommend instead considering a pet door during a door instead of employing a patio panel insert.

Q. How is that the pet door secured on my track?

A door pet door insert is secured into your existing sliding glass door track employing a pressurized system that expands the highest of the panel into the highest of the upper track. Simply lock the panel in situ once it’s extended into the upper door track. Some panels require that you just drill a hole through the track to secure the sliding glass dog door insert, however, most installation with no tools required!

Q. Can you buy the whole glass door or is it just the pet door insert?

Another great choice could be a sliding glass door with a dog door built-in, one in all the simplest sliding glass door options that allow you to use your existing lock. The “Pet Door Guys — within the Glass” pet door for sliding glass door works by replacing the prevailing in close the door with a brand-new pane that encompasses a pet door built through it (you will have to contact a glass company to install). The “In the Glass” unit uses a durable, energy-efficient Endura Flap, so if you’re searching for weatherproof sliding glass door, this can be an excellent option This can be also an ideal choice when putting a dog door in sidelight panels. The “In the Glass” Unit is becoming increasingly popular, especially if you would like an extra-large dog door for a sliding glass door, seeing as they do not take up space in your door frame sort of patio panel does.

Q. How to install a Sliding Glass Pet Door?

To order your panel, you’ll have to measure your pet to seethe right pet door size, and measure your sliding glass door track to specify a track height adjustment range. Once you receive your patio panel insert from us, you may install it either within the track for sliding glass doors (such that it’ll flush against the door jamb), or within the outer screen track.

Note: In some cases, you may be able to remove the stationary panel of your sliding glass door then place it closer to the center of the track to accommodate the patio panel insert. This permits the sliding panel of your door to lock as was common instead of sliding into the patio panel insert. Place the panel within the door track and twist the screws at the underside to secure the panel before adjusting the peak extension at the highest to expand the panel into the upper track.

Once you’ve got the proper fit, tighten the thumbscrews at the highest of the panel to lock it within the track (in order to stay the insert semi-permanent and lockable). Drill a hole into the side of the adjacent door so as to put in the lock. Read our blog post on a way to Install a Dog Door during a Sliding Glass Door for further installation help.

Q. Are these easy to install? Am I able to do that myself?

It depends on how handy you’re. Most pet door panels don’t require any tools for installation. For more information, you’ll be able to visit the ‘Installation Instructions’ tab on each product page.

Q. Should I have a ‘temporary’ or a ‘semi-permanent’ pet door installed?

A temporary installation dogie door for sliding glass door could also be put in and brought out again easily. This may be the higher option if you are doing not want the panel to be located in one position all the time As an example, you’ll wish to use the panel only during warm weather or only if your reception. Having a short-lived panel presents a versatile solution. A semi-permanent pet door for sliding glass doors, on the opposite hand, must be fastened into the track. The panel must be fastened because the manufacturer has put a lock on the pet door, which mates to a bracket on the sliding glass door. For that lock to figure, the panel must be fastened in situ. To create the installation semi-permanent, you’ll nail the panel into the track on the highest and/or bottom.

Note: Any modifications to the panel will void the warranty and return policy. On top of these two options, there’s a bunch of pet doors for sliding doors that are neither a short-lived install nor a semi-permanent install, but somewhere in between. That is, they will require tools to line up but don’t seem to be fastened into your track. If a semi-permanent installation is desired and your sliding glass door uses an alarm, it’s possible to put in the panel on the side of the stationary half the sliding glass door. This sort of installation may help avoid desperate to reset your warning device. Confine mind that each sliding glass door’s stationary panel is different, so moving and reinstalling tactics vary and don’t have one specific answer that might suffice. Another installation possibility that’s commonly overlooked is that each one pet doors that are designed for temporary installation could also be made semi-permanent by fastening them into the track with flat solid screws. A brief type panel has the broadest range of installation choices.


To summarize, patio panels are the thanks to select a fast, non-permanent installation. For a sliding pet door that mates together with your existing lock and provides maximum insulation, the “In the Glass” pet door is that the perfect option. Replacing the whole pane of glass with the dual-pane “In the Glass” piece also ensures maximum weather resistance, no need for patio panel strip. Once you’ve selected the proper sliding glass pet door for your home, try our pet measurement guide to decide on the right size for your furry friend!

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