Save a Life Today: Register Your Dog for Blood Donation in Lancashire!

Pet Blood Bank is a UK-based charity organization that appeals to Lancashire pet owners to register their dogs for blood donation sessions. Donor dogs across the UK provide blood to help save other dogs. Dog blood banks require different blood types to treat dogs across the country. Pet Blood Bank aims to ensure a source of blood and platelets is always available for vets to use in life-threatening situations.

Kent and Klaus, To The Rescue of Ghillie

Ghillie, a cocker spaniel, had IMTP, a condition that destroys the cells needed to clot blood. She needed two blood transfusions when her blood count was dangerously low. Kent and Klaus donated blood to help save her life. Ghillie’s owners were grateful to everyone involved.

Cocker spaniel Ghillie receiving a blood transfusion through the charity
Ghillie, a Cocker spaniel, received life-saving blood transfusions through Pet Blood Bank

Cora, The “Lifesaving” Labradoodle

In a similar incident, a “lifesaving” labradoodle came to the rescue of another dog by chance after its owner took it for dog blood donation just as another canine was in need. Shorkie Bridget needed help due to a bleeding ulcer, and a check was made of the list of potential donors. To everyone’s surprise, a compatible dog was just next door giving blood, in the shape of Cora the labradoodle. Within hours, Bridget was “brighter” and able to go back home.

Cora the labradoodle, a regular blood donor
Cora the labradoodle is a regular donor at Pet Blood Bank

The Importance of Dog Blood Donation

Dog owners should donate blood regularly. Pet Blood Bank can immediately find a compatible donor dog. Healthy dogs aged 1-8, weighing over 25kg, and confident can donate. Each 450ml donation can help up to four dogs. Pet Blood Bank ensures a reliable source of blood for vets.

Woodie, The “Superstar” Greyhound

Woodie, a greyhound from Melton Mowbray, retired after donating rare blood to save up to 88 dogs. He gave 22 donations in six years, and his blood is particularly sought after. Woodie can no longer donate because blood is only taken from dogs aged one to eight. Pet Blood Bank thanked Woodie for his contribution to the lives of other dogs and called him a “superstar.”

Greyhound Woodie has been a dog for blood donation 22 times
Woodie the greyhound has donated blood 22 times

Overall, regular dog blood donations have become vital for ensuring that other dogs with severe medical conditions can receive treatment in a timely manner. It is a heart-warming initiative that saves the lives of many dogs and ensures they can return to their normal selves.

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