8 Essential Items for Blind Dogs (Toys Included)

Research shows that 75% of diabetic dogs are likely to acquire cataracts, leading to partial or total blindness. Even so, your puppy can be born blind. Handling visually impaired dogs can be daunting and overwhelming. Don’t worry, though. In this article, we list 8 essential items for blind dogs.  What’s more? We also include accessories and toys to keep your blind dog busy.

But first, let’s walk you through signs your dog is going blind.

Signs Your Dog is Going Blind

Items for deaf dogs
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Common signs of a dog going blind may include:

  • Cloudy eyes that never clear
  • Changes in activity such as reduced playfulness
  • Strong reaction to noises
  • Increase in clumsiness and bumping into surfaces
  • Trouble locating toys, food, and water

8 Essential Items for Blind dogs

If your dog has turned blind, it’s not the end of the world. Here are 8 essential items for blind dogs that will improve the quality of your dog’s life.

#1.Anxiety Jacket


Items-for-blind-dogs- anxiet- jacket

First on our items for blind dogs list is an anxiety jacket. Blind dogs are prone to anxiety and depression. This manifests in excessive barking and withdrawal from you. An anxiety dog jacket helps to ease this anxiety.

It works by applying pressure on their back, leading them to relax. It’s incredibly gentle. You can even use it on a young pup. Besides, it’s also ideal for rescue dogs with a history of abuse.

#2.Tracking Collar


Second on our items for blind dogs list is a tracking collar. A tracking collar is one of the most valuable items for blind dogs as it lets you keep tabs on the whereabouts of your pet, no matter where you are.

Most tracking collars are accompanied by apps. Here is all you need to do:

  1. Download the app
  2. Key in your dog’s details
  3. Put the collar on your dog

It comes in handy in the unfortunate case when your dog gets lost. By checking the coordinates on the phone, you’ll trace your dog and bring it back home.

#3.Muffin’s Halo Guide


Muffin’s Halo Guide is the ultimate item for blind dogs. A blind dog easily bumps into surfaces, hurting its nose and head. This clumsiness affects their confidence, and some decide to coop themselves to one side of the house.

The Muffin Halo Guide lets you restore your dog’s navigation confidence. When the Halo comes into contact with a hard surface, the dog feels the vibration and changes direction. 

Over time, this boosts their confidence. They’ll navigate the house with ease and with their heads held high.

#4. I Am Blind Leash

Items-for-blind-dogs- I-am-blind-leash

There are millions of dog lovers across the globe. It’s no surprise that strangers would want to pat your dog, but some aren’t courteous enough to ask before.

This random touch may startle your blind dog. That’s where An I am blind leash comes in. It lets others know your dog’s blind. This way, they’ll proceed with caution.

Don’t forget to print your contact details on the leash once it arrives. It makes it easier for people to contact you if they run into your dog on the streets.

#5. Blind Dog Water Fountain


A blind dog will have no problem locating its food since its sense of smell is heightened. But how can it locate water which has no smell?

You can solve this by purchasing a drinking water fountain. This way, your dog can follow the sound of the stream and locate its water. The fountain is also a fun way to increase your dog’s hydration and prevent urinary tract infections.

We recommend buying one with a solid base to prevent spillage. 

Toys and Accessories for Blind Dogs

If your dog has recently gone blind, these items for blind dogs aren’t enough to cheer them up. That’s why you need to introduce some toys. Toys provide great mental stimulation and adequate physical exercise. 

Here are some toys that every blind dog needs. 

#6 Awoof Snuffle Mat


items-for-blind-dogs-awoof -shuffle-mat

Are you searching for ways to keep your blind dog busy? The Awoof snuffle mat is the best solution.

It is a one-of-a-kind training mat for your dog to hunt for hidden food and small toys. Hide some treats inside the mat and watch your dog sniff them out.

Its material is non-slip. Your dog won’t fall while playing with it. In addition, the Awoof Mat encourages slow eating, which leads to better digestion.

#7.Sensory Ball


A sensory ball keeps your canine fellow busy and prevents boredom. It’s the perfect way to provide mental stimulation to your blind dog. 

The ball is chewable and beef scented, a double package for any dog. While shopping for a sensory ball, pick a strong and durable one. It will last long, even if your dog is an aggressive chewer.

#8.Vibrating Plushie


Who wouldn’t want such a cute plushie? They come in different colors, are bouncy, and vibrate as they move. These qualities make it the perfect toy for your blind dog. 

On top of that, the plushie provides great exercise for your dog when they run around chasing it. Your dog will follow the vibration and squeaky noises. This regular exercise reduces the risk of them being overweight or becoming obese.

When your dog is playing outside with his plushie, attach the Muffin’s Halo to prevent accidental bumping into trees.

Final Thoughts on Items for Blind Dogs

Thanks for reading our article on 8 items for blind dogs. If your dog has recently gone blind, here are 3 quick pointers to help your dog adjust.

  • Avoid rearranging your furniture
  • Keep food and water fountain in the same place
  • Use a blind leash while on a walk with your dog

We hope you found this article on items for blind dogs helpful. Keep it here for related content. Have you read our post on the top 5 deaf dog accessories that ensure the safety of your canine friend?


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