10 Sympathetic Quotes to Say to Owners who Experienced the Death of a Pet

Pet Lost Quotes

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The death of a pet can be a very difficult situation to handle. By using some Lost Pet Quotes you can help ease the pain and express your condolences to the grieving owner or family.

If you have been through it or have a friend or relative who has lost a pet, then you know that you have to stand by them and show them your support and understanding.

This can be done not only with actions, such as making them a gift like a stone with the pets’ name engraved, but also letting them know, verbally that you are sorry for the loss of their pet.

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Most Popular Death of a Pet Quotes

Things you should take into consideration would be the pets’ age, how long it was with the family, and how close to which members it was. Another thing that would be good to know is that way the pet came to death.

1. “I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now.”

Show your support to the person who lost his pet and probably his best friend, not by saying something like: “I know it’s hard”, but quite the opposite. As the pet might have been so close to the family that is was considered as a family member, it is always unimaginable to lose someone so close.

2. “Do you want to talk? I know you are hurting.”

Sure it hurts. But the person who experiences the loss of a pet doesn’t understand that you can feel it too. Show them your understanding and that you are open and available for them simply by expressing it.

3. “You Took Such Good Care Of Him/Her”

Remember that there are people who see their pets as their own children. That is also the way they treat them; they care for their pets, get anxious about them when they get sick or don’t eat their food, buy clothes for them and toys all the time. It is understandable and this is their joy; live life to the fullest with their best friend or child and that is why they want their pets to have anything that they wish and have the time of their lives.

4. “You made the right decision for your pet.”

This is used in a very tough situation; the pet owner has to put his pet to sleep. It is the time when the pet owner has decided that due to illness or bad health the pet has to go to the vet and never return again and grieving the loss of a pet after euthanasia.

There are no easy words to describe this and you can express your condolences with the above 5 words, but you should also let the owner open his heart if he hasn’t done so already, about his pet and their time together.

5. “I’d love to go outside with you for a bit if you’d like.”

A dog owner will have a difficult time going out for a walk without their companions anymore. Help them get some fresh air and offer to accompany them on a walk, showing them at the same time that you will be there for them whenever needed.

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6. “Would it be helpful for you to talk about [the pet]?”

A loss of a pet can be devastating at times, so much that the owner losses his words and can not say anything. Help him/her open his heart to you with this “icebreaker”, irregularly if they end up talking about something else. Remember their difficult situation and that you have to stand by them during this time.

7. “How are the kids handling it?”

It always depends on the kids’ age and how long the pet has been with the family, as well as the relationship to the kids. You should know that there are pets who sleep on beds and eat from peoples’ plates. This builds a strong bond with the family and the pet and they become one.

The pet is another child for the family and the loss of such a pet is difficult for everyone; For the parents, because they will experience a loss of a pet that was like a child to them and for the children that will never see a being that was to them as a sibling. This might take years to get over or even decades in some situations.

8. “I’m listening.”

Kindly remind the pet owner that you are there so that they can speak and open themselves to you freely. There is no better way to express this so that they can talk to you and it will be better for you to understand what they have been through probably all this time, but also their current mental situation.

9. “Can I bring you a meal or some coffee?”

During a pet loss, pet owners will have lost their appetite, as one might experience during the death of a beloved one. Offer to help them get through this and understand that in their mind they don’t think about eating or drinking properly, but they think all the time of their pet; the first time they met, their best moments together, what they might have done differently and they might be blaming themselves for the loss of their pet. You are there to help them by offering them a small exit from their thoughts by reminding them that they have to think about themselves too.

10. “I am sure you were a good dad/mum/friend to [the pet].”

As also mentioned above, many people open their hearts, lives, and family to pets. A pet will spend oftentimes more than 10 years beside the owners, and this results in a hard bonding in many cases through situations like; feeding them, taking the pet daily walks, taking them to the vet, even having birthday parties and cakes, presents, surprises, and taking the pet to vacations with the family.

All of this remains in the memory of the owner for a long time and they remember these situations like a never-ending playback when there is the loss of the pet. It is you who has to remind them of the good that they have done and of the good times they have been through with their pet.

Unconditional Love Helps you Cope With Losing a Pet Suddenly

Whatever you decide to say you should always keep in mind that we love our pets so much, because of their unconditional love. A loss of a pet means that the owner will miss this feeling of love. It will help them recover from this loss quicker if you do for them what their pet once did: love them with all your heart and unconditionally.

For more inspiration and actions you can have a look at What to say when someone loses a pet.

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